Radek Fabisiak


Radek Fabisiak was with the computers from his early days, remembers an orange screen with Win32, big floppy disks, and the sound of dial-up connecting to the internet.

He has got experience in full-stack development by working for top IT companies like Microsoft.

In the last years, in the core team of the Duomly, where as an addition to IT has got skills related to Online Marketing, SEO, Content Creation or building Online Business, now passing this knowledge to the Duomly’s audience.

He is a fan of skiing, video games, cooking, and martial arts in private life.

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Articles written by Radek Fabisiak:

Composition vs Inheritance in React.JS

Intro to composition vs inheritance Welcome to the composition vs inheritance in React comparison. If you’re a senior developer or architect, I bet you know the most popular concepts, design patterns, and how stuff works inside. But still, not many front-end devs go think so much about composition and inheritance. It’s not an often discussed topic, and I’ve noticed not all devs can explain why they created their solution with this or this way.

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What are people skills and why you need them

This article contains affiliate links. By purchasing using these links you support our blog and YouTube channel. Intro to people skills for developers Have you ever thought people skills are even more important than your technical knowledge? Especially these times, and today I will explain why. I will tell you what people skills are, why you should work on them every day, and how you can train some of them.

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React lifecycle methods with hooks cheatsheet for everybody

Intro to React lifecycle methods Welcome to the react lifecycle tutorial, where I will explain all the things related to the react component lifecycle methods. You’ll learn about the four main react component lifecycle stages, when they’re fired, and what is happening inside. Next, we will talk about the methods used during these stages, which ones we need, and which ones we should avoid. We won’t forget about these deprecated methods, so you will know which ones you should definitely refactor in your code and don’t use anymore.

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Webflow vs WordPress 2021 - which is better for your project

Intro to Webflow vs WordPress 2021 Welcome to the Webflow vs WordPress 2021 comparison, and let’s see which one is better for your needs. In today’s comparison, we’ll analyze two of the most popular software people use when they want to build a website, blog, or e-commerce without coding. I’ll go through points like how they work, how much they cost, what additional plugins or integrations offer both of them, and if they’re suitable for e-commerce solutions.

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7 Best online business ideas during lockdown and coronavirus

Intro to best online business ideas during lockdown Today I’ll show you best online business ideas during lockdown, which can let you keep income during coronavirus. I want to tell you about Alice’s story. She is my friend and 34 old business analyst in a mid-size company. Actually, She WAS a business analyst in a mid-size company. Her role was cut by the crisis in a trendy way during the last months.

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Digital Ocean Review - Is it the best hosting in 2020?

This article contains affiliate links. By purchasing using these links you support our blog and YouTube channel. Intro to Digital Ocean review is it the best hosting in 2020 Today we will go through the Digital Ocean review and verify if its the best hosting in 2020. Hosting is a crucial thing for every developer, cause we want our apps to be publicly visible, we need to deploy them somewhere.

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Serverless course Lesson 3: How to create MongoDB REST API in Node.js

Intro to Serverless course Lesson 3 Today you will learn how to create MongoDB REST API in Node.js. In the previous episodes of the serverless course, you’ve learned how to set up the AWS Lambda Serverless project. The URL is here: https://www.blog.duomly.com/lesson-1-serverless-how-to-get-started-tutorial/ In the second lesson, you’ve learned how to create AWS Lambda Serverless authentication with Node.js and MongoDB, and the URL is here: https://www.blog.duomly.com/lesson-2-serverless-authentication/ I’m super excited about what we will build because we will go forward in today’s lesson and develop more features.

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Lesson 2: Serverless authentication tutorial for beginners

Intro to serverless authentication In today’s lesson, you will learn Serverless authentication. Did you already finish the „What is Serverless” episode? If not, you can find it here: What is serverless Next, you should do the Serverless course’s first lesson, which was „Serverless How to Start”. You can find it here: Lesson 1: Serverless how to get started tutorial for beginners If you finished them before, you can focus on today’s lesson and learn new, essential skills.

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Lesson 1: Serverless how to get started tutorial for beginners

Intro to serverless how to get started tutorial Today we will go through the Serverless how to get start tutorial. In the previous episode, I’ve told you what is serverless, why you should use that, and how you can save even 90% of your IT infrastructure costs. You can find the URL here: What is serverless I’ve promised you, I will teach you how to build Serverless Node.js applications, and today we start the Serverless course.

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