Top 8 Best Products to Sell During Coronavirus and Keep Income

Intro to best products to sell during coronavirus

Today, I will share with you the top 8 products to sell during coronavirus and keep the income stable.

As you may remember, in one of the previous articles, I wrote you about my friend Alice, who managed to create a profitable online store and make her income stable, even though she was fired from her 9 to 5 job.

I told you then that we did pretty good research on what kind of business can succeed in those hard times. Well, Alice selected just one of the ideas. That’s why I could use the research results and share it with one more of my friends.

Let me tell you about Mike.

Mike is a social media expert, and differently than Alice, his job wasn’t reduced because of the pandemic, and his income didn’t really suffer because of the current situation. But Mike is this kind of person who always looks for new opportunities.

When we met once, he mentioned that he is thinking about starting some online store, as he realized a huge demand for different products, so he would like to try to make some additions business after hours. He was sure that’s the best possible time to start.

Then I decided to share the research results I did with Alice and told him about all the products that may be very useful right now and can be sold online.

This article will tell you about 8 best products that you can sell online during coronavirus and make a profitable business from home. At the end, I’ll tell you about Mike’s selection.

Let’s start!


A profitable online store’s first idea can be a great idea during a pandemic is an ergonomics store. We spend a lot of time at home, in front of computers right now, working, doing shopping, meeting people, or even being at the party through teleconference.

To make it comfortable and avoid pain, we often need to adjust our home office and buy some equipment to improve the ergonomics.

That’s why an online store with comfortable office chairs, footrest, gel cushion, or even an ergonomic keyboard for computers can be a good opportunity now.

If you don’t have a lot of space for storage, you can start with the small equipment, there’s no need to sell everything, but in the current situation, I believe that it can be an excellent opportunity to set up a good income and help people to stay comfortable.

It’s a good idea to make a detailed description of the ergonomic products so that people know how it can be helpful.

Home-fitness accessories

The next products group that can be a great idea for starting a successful online store are home-fitness accessories.

Many people who did any training before the lockdown happened want to continue with their fitness at home or garden. But most of them don’t have any sports equipment, because there was no need to have any when we were able to go to the fitness club and use an equipped space.

Many people look for home fitness accessories that don’t take too much space and allow them to make training at home.

So, it’s a good idea to deliver people what they desperately need, and start a fitness shop, where you can sell resistance bands that are really small and really useful, yoga mats, ropes, or even TRX.

You don’t need a giant warehouse for this kind of product. It’s enough to have a storage room at your apartment.

Quiet pet toys

Since the home office became so common, people started to have needs they didn’t before. Besides the ergonomic accessories to have a comfortable working space, we need peace and quiet to focus and work productively.

But what when you have a small noisy pet?

Yes, that’s the next product idea for COVID online store, quiet pet toys. There are a lot of different online and traditional stores that sell toys for dogs, cats, or any other kind of pets, but not a lot of them are specialized in home office friendly toys, and the niche is pretty easy to start with, and products are easy to store and send.

Anti blue light glasses

Another product idea may need a little bit bigger investment, but taking growing demand into consideration, it may pay you back.

As already mentioned a few times, we spend tones of time in front of the screens right now, as spending time outside may put as at risk of getting a virus; many people prefer to watch TV, play computer games or even work longer, and our eyes may suffer from the blue light.

That’s why the next form the list of top products to sell during pandemics are anti-blue light glasses.

The product is small, that’s why easy to storage and shipment. You can also add accessories to your shops like glasses, case, or liquid to clean the glasses.

Considering that we spend more and more time online, the demand may not stop after the end of the pandemic.


The next products that have a growing demand right now is a little bit surprising. Since the pandemic started, the demand for radios grow and grow.

I guess it’s because of the time we are spending at home, and getting information in different ways that sitting in front of a computer can create a new need among people.

Radios are not very big, so they won’t take a lot of storage space, and also you don’t need to provide many different types of radios, so having three or four different kinds can be enough to start online selling.

When you will see that it’s the right niche for you, you can quickly grow the offer of your e-commerce. Besides that, you can think about adding different music devices to your offer.

Home-office equipment

The next really profitable niche right now is home office equipment. I, many of my friends, and lots of other people around the world I don’t know started working remotely. And most of them don’t have a suitable space at home to work comfortably.

Also, many companies gave their employees a budget to set up the home office to work remotely and stay productive. Taking into consideration that desks or office chairs are pretty heavy many people prefer to order it.

That’s why the demand for equipment like device holders, desks, desk lamps, organizers, and other office equipment grew a lot lately. As not every company plan to come back to the office after the pandemic, many get lower.

Running accessories

Doing training at home is not what everyone likes, also some people may not have enough space, but the activity that everybody can do is running.

It may seem that we don’t need a lot to start running, but many accessories can be very useful for beginners and for more advanced runners.

Selling products like heart rate monitors, fit bands, running shoes, or small running backpacks for keys and mobile can be something that will help you to keep a stable income during coronavirus. Also, running enthusiasts probably won’t stop running when the pandemic will end, so the demand probably won’t disappear after all.

And after you start earning, maybe it’s a good idea to expand to other fitness activities?

Home spa/manicure/hairdressing professional products

In many countries, governments decided about closing places that bring high risk to spread the virus. Among those places, there are hairdressers, manicure, and other beauty places or barbershops.

Many people don’t like to grow their hair and keep broken nails. That’s why many of us start learning how to cut hair, make manicure, or face masks.

That’s why shops selling products for professional salons didn’t realize that they are closed because the demand is still there. Just private people started to buy cosmetics and tools.

And here is another niche where you could go into. Distribution of professional cosmetics, hair trimmers, nail gels is a great opportunity to provide real value for some people, and it still has a future when pandemics will end.

###Conclusion of best products to sell during coronavirus

As you could see above, there are many products that can be successfully sold during the pandemic, so if you are looking for the idea to start a business online, I think it’s the right time. You can sell almost anything, as people started to have new needs right now in a new situation.

As I promised, let me tell you what Mike’s choice was and if he even decided to start an online store.

Taking into consideration his personality, Mike just couldn’t pass the opportunity like that. We analyzed many niches that are good right now, and he decided to select something that can be quickly sold by social media marketing.

He thought about professional cosmetics and beauty niche, as it could be easy to promote on Instagram, but finally, he left that idea, as he doesn’t know a lot about the beauty market.

Sports equipment didn’t seem quite exciting for Mike, and he also didn’t want to become an Alice competition.

He decided that completing the real home office is a challenge for anyone, and he would like to go in that direction and create a user-friendly online shop with everything one may need to work comfortably.

It took him some time to set up the website, find the products, order, and make all working. He also did a simple social media campaign to let people know about new e-commerce. Mike needed some time to get first profit, but it was worth it as he says now.

Mike is pretty happy with his choice and decision to use the opportunity and create his online business.

He is considering growing his online store offer with ergonomics accessories, as many of the clients are looking for it.

I believe that it may seem a lot of work and a big risk to start your own business right now when nothing is stable, but maybe it’s the best time to try. There are a lot of new needs in the market and not enough supply.

I hope you were able to see here some chances for you as well. If you have any questions about setting up an online store, let us know in the comments, and we will try to help.

Thanks for reading,
Anna from Duomly

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