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REST API vs GraphQL - comparison

Into to REST API vs. GraphQL Since GraphQL was presented as a revolutionary alternative to RESTful API in 2015, there is a discussion between both solutions’ supporters and opponents. As everything, RESTful API and GraphQL both have pros and cons, which need to be considered selecting proper solutions for the next project. And as always, the choice should depend on the type of project that you are building. For some kind on the application, RESTful API will be a justified solution, when for the other type, GraphQL will be much better.

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How to implement redux-saga with ReactJS and Redux [TUTORIAL]

Intro to Redux setup tutorial Very often, you can hear about the state in frontend applications, but what it exactly is? Let me explain. State in frontend applications represents all the data stored in the application in a given time. It can be stored in different formats like objects or strings. Based on the state’s values, we can personalize the application, display, and hide certain elements. To manage the state in modern frontend frameworks, we can use different libraries like Redux, MobX, or NgRx.

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RxJS: Observable vs Subject - tutorial for beginners

Intro to RxJS Observable vs Subject RxJS is one of the most useful and the most popular libraries when using Angular as the main framework for your project. RxJS provides two types of Observables, which are used for streaming data in Angular. For most beginners, who just started with Angular, Observables are the biggest source of frustration; it’s confusing and not easy to understand. Personally, I felt the same; when I started with RxJS, it was confusing.

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Testing ReactJS app with Jest and Enzyme tutorial

Intro to testing frontend applications Writing a good quality web application requires testing, to avoid unexpected crash of one component when something changes in the other one. It’s necessary to understand the logic and plan test cases at the beginning to test the application well. In this article, I’d like to go deeper into development concepts like Test-Driven Development (TDD), and explain to you why testing the app is essential.

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14 most popular Angular interview questions in 2020

Intro to Angular interview questions Some time ago, we started a series about Javascript interview questions, we’ve gone throng some questions about React.js, CSS, and backend. But still, we didn’t cover all the technologies that are important for front-end developers; that’s why today, I decided to create a list of 14 questions about Angular, which can be very helpful in your next interview for the position with Angular. I’m going to start with the fundamental information that can be useful for junior developers, and then I’ll also cover some more advanced aspects of this framework.

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How to select right tech stack for your next web application?

Intro Before every project in IT starts, there is a lot of planning and decision-making processes. This planning phase is critical and can have a significant impact on the project’s future. Selecting the right technology stack can affect the time of development, cost, quality of the application, and also the scalability, that’s why it’s so essential to make this decision right, even if you need to spend more time, analyzing all the pros and cons of available solutions.

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How to build company website with Bulma CSS

Intro to how to build company website with Bulma CSS Today you will learn how to build company website with Bulma CSS. In the previous episodes, you’ve learned how to build a website with Bootstrap 5: And, you’ve learned how to build admin template with Bootstrap 5: Now, it is the time for something the same fantastic, and maybe even sweeter for the UI. Bulma CSS framework is a very popular, great to use, and a beautiful CSS framework that you can use to build great UI.

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How to create a front end project structure that scales and is easy to maintain?

Intro to frontend project structure The frontend has never been so complex as it is today. A few years ago, it was just about some colorful elements placed in the table, and simple events to send the data to the backend. Since modern frontend frameworks and libraries came into play, the client-side became responsible for a big part of logic and functionality. Now, we even start building serverless projects, where almost everything needs to be processed by the frontend.

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How to build Bootstrap admin template tutorial

Into to building a Bootstrap admin template Last week I published an article about Bootstrap 5, where we showed you how to build a simple portfolio web page, and it seems like a lot of you really like it. That’s why today I decided to prepare you a new Bootstrap tutorial, where we are going to build a Bootstrap 5 admin template for the blog management application, step by step.

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6 most popular front-end interview questions and answers for beginners [PART 3]

Intro to Front-end interview questions for beginners PART 3 Today we’ll talk about the CSS interview questions for beginners. Welcome to the next part of the front-end questions series. All of the episodes in our series are related to the most popular things that developers ask about the technology, which are often used in job tech interviews. In the previous episodes, we talked about javascript and React.js more general, and you can find the URLs to those episodes here:

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