Articles about Python

Why you should learn Python?

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages of today. It’s applied by beginners and professionals, startups and large companies, academia and commercial entities. As a general-purpose and multi-platform programming language, it has a variety of applications. Python and most of the stuff in its ecosystem are free and open-source. There is a large, dedicated, and friendly community of developers and educators who support the development of Python and the related libraries and help people learn and master Python.

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What is scikit learn – introduction to popular machine learning and data science Python library

Scikit-learn is one of the most widely-used Python packages for data science and machine learning. It enables you to perform many operations and provides a variety of algorithms. Scikit-learn also offers excellent documentation about its classes, methods, and functions, as well as the explanations on the background of used algorithms. Scikit-learn supports: data preprocessing, dimensionality reduction, model selection, regression, classification, cluster analysis. It also provides several datasets you can use to test your models.

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Python list – definition and usage

Python has several collection data types — the types that might hold multiple data items at once. Lists are immutable and ordered Python sequence collections.To be more precise, the collections don’t store data items. They keep the references to them. You can have the references to the objects of different types (integers, floating-point numbers, complex numbers, Booleans, strings, other lists or tuples, sets or dictionaries, custom-defined types, and so on) in one list.

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How to Start with Machine Learning?

Machine learning is about using sample data to build mathematical models that enable computer systems to perform tasks without obtaining explicit instructions. Image recognition, self-driving vehicles, Internet search engines, computer vision, spam email filtering, and many other systems use machine learning. It’s also applied in financial forecasts, medical diagnostics, fraud detection, and so on. Machine learning is a vast and promising area. It offers exciting solutions to real-world problems as well as a variety of well-paid jobs.

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Object-oriented programming in Python

Python allows writing programs following several programming paradigms (like procedural programming, functional programming, object-oriented programming) and to combine them. Object-oriented programming is one of the most widely used paradigms today. It is based on the use of objects — entities that contain data members called attributes and bounded functions (routines, procedures) called methods. Objects are instances of classes. In other words, classes mostly define the structure of objects and serve as templates for creating them.

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