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SQL Join with examples tutorial

Introduction Today we’ll talk about SQL Join. I remember when I needed a bit deeper knowledge about SQL that I’ve already had, unfortunately, that time had not. It was a few years ago, when I wanted to get a cool role, with a nice company and cool salary, it was a simple front-end engineer role, but with knowledge of SQL. I’ve had some SQL knowledge, at least enough to work with that on a simple level, like doing simple queries.

5 min read

Git cheatsheet

Git is a very useful skill to have and almost necessary in many companies. Browsing job offers for software engineers, you many realize that knowing git is nearly as important as knowing an actual programming language. But still many people forget to check out how git works and what commands are responsible for what action. When some time ago, I created a simple Git and Github tutorial for Youtube, I noticed how many people were interested in this topic.

6 min read

Brain boosting foods, which help you to learn programming

Learning is a long process of getting new knowledge, and it’s not always going as easy as we would like to. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember something or understand, and then we start to look for something to improve our ability to remember things and boost our brain. It’s not necessary to look in the pharmacy, because we can find a lot of natural brain boosters in grocery.

6 min read

React.js performance tutorial

Building applications sometimes can be a bit challenging, especially when we need to build a fast and good-quality application. These times it can be necessary, especially when search engines can give bonus SEO points for faster working apps, and it can help us to reduce our bouncing rate very strongly. To help you with that, I’ve created a few hints and tips which you could use to make your app very fast.

6 min read

Good and Bad Practices of Coding in Python

Python is a high-level multi-paradigm programming language that emphasizes readability. It’s being developed, maintained, and often used following the rules called The Zen of Python or PEP 20. This article shows several examples of good and bad practices of coding in Python that you’re likely to meet often. Using Unpacking to Write Concise Code Packing and unpacking are powerful Python features. You can use unpacking to assign values to your variables:

10 min read

What is this keyword in Javascript?

This keyword in Javascript is an important concept that makes a lot of confusion for beginners and more advanced developers as well. It’s very powerful, but it’s not so easy to use if you don’t know how it works. In the article, I’m going to explain what is this keyword and what is its value in different cases, with code examples to make it even more apparent. What is this?

7 min read

How to practice Python skills?

Learning Python doesn’t differ much from learning other programming languages. One path to becoming proficient in Python (or any other language) mostly depends on the existing programming knowledge and experience. This means that experienced programmers — already familiar with main programming concepts — usually use different strategies than novices. However, there are few things in common for all, and one of them is that you need to practice a lot!

12 min read

Slicing in Python – what is it?

Intro to Slicing in Python Slicing in Python is a feature that enables accessing parts of sequences like strings, tuples, and lists. You can also use them to modify or delete the items of mutable sequences such as lists. Slices can also be applied on third-party objects like NumPy arrays, as well as Pandas series and data frames. Slicing enables writing clean, concise, and readable code. This article shows how to access, modify, and delete items with indices and slices, as well as how to use the built-in class slice().

8 min read

What is the difference between Shadow DOM and Virtual DOM?

DOM (Document Object Model) is a fundamental concept in front-end, and for sure, everyone who tried to learn programming has heard about it more than once. For beginners, it’s not so easy to understand what it exactly is and how to manipulate it. DOM manipulation isn’t so easy and comfortable, and the most important, it brings a lot of issues with performance. Nowadays, there are two essential concepts of DOM came with progressive web frameworks like Angular, React.

6 min read

Why you should learn Python?

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages of today. It’s applied by beginners and professionals, startups and large companies, academia and commercial entities. As a general-purpose and multi-platform programming language, it has a variety of applications. Python and most of the stuff in its ecosystem are free and open-source. There is a large, dedicated, and friendly community of developers and educators who support the development of Python and the related libraries and help people learn and master Python.

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