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Git rebase tutorial and comparison with git merge

Intro There are many ways of working with git, if they’re clean, and don’t do damages, probably most of them are good.  But same as space vs. tab, in the IT world is a war between fans of rebase, and fans of git merge.  There are tons of arguments about: -Which way is better? -Which one is cleaner? -Which is more comfortable? -Which one gives a cleaner git graph?

6 min read

CSS background image tutorial with examples

The background image is probably one of the CSS properties which all of us, front-end developers, used at least a few times in our careers. Most people think that there can’t be anything unusual about background-image, but after a quick research, I have a different conclusion. There are lots of questions askes about CSS background image every day in Facebook groups and lots of unknown tricks which can help us to achieve amazing effects and make stunning apps and websites.

4 min read

How to use animate css tutorial with examples

In this article, I’d like to show you how to use animate.css library. A few years ago, I was working on a mobile app project where the user interface was pretty advanced, loaded with lots of movement and gradients. It was just like each of those modern mobile apps, which would like to provide the best visual experience to users. It took me lots of time to create all the animations in CSS and make them smooth and good looking according to designer instructions.

5 min read

CSS border with examples tutorial

Introduction to CSS border Hi guys, today we will talk about… BORDERS! The CSS border is something that you will most probably use almost every day, if you’re front-end developer, of course. I’ve found a few useful (some more, some less, some just funny) tips and tricks that you can use in your project. Let’s start! If you prefer video here is the youtube version. 1. Animated CSS border What to do when we would like to make our item more visible?

3 min read

How to build an HTML table tutorial

When you are building a project which has some data to present, you need a good way to show the information easily and understandably. Depending on the type of data, you can select between different HTML elements. In many cases, the table is the most convenient method to display large amounts of structured data nicely. That’s why in this article, I’d like to explain to you the structure of the table, show you how to create one, and give you a little advice when it’s a good idea to present your data as a table.

6 min read

SQL Join with examples tutorial

Introduction Today we’ll talk about SQL Join. I remember when I needed a bit deeper knowledge about SQL that I’ve already had, unfortunately, that time had not. It was a few years ago, when I wanted to get a cool role, with a nice company and cool salary, it was a simple front-end engineer role, but with knowledge of SQL. I’ve had some SQL knowledge, at least enough to work with that on a simple level, like doing simple queries.

5 min read

How to build dashboard with Bootstrap tutorial

Would you like to create websites from a ready element? Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS frameworks. It allows us to build a beautiful UI from ready components, like navbars or forms. Bootstrap also provides a responsive design so, while using the grid properly, you don’t have to do additional styling for mobile views. For advanced developers, CSS frameworks seem to be simple because it’s mostly about reading the documentation, but beginners sometimes may have issues building projects from Bootstrap components.

8 min read

Python API tutorial

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in 2020. There are a lot of job offers for Python developers and lots of people who would like to learn this programming language. As we mention in one of the previous articles about learning Python, practicing knowledge is the most important. Taking into consideration that Python can be used to build an application’s back-end, I decided to create an article, describing how to create a simple REST API using Python, Flask, and flask_restful library.

7 min read

Git cheatsheet

Git is a very useful skill to have and almost necessary in many companies. Browsing job offers for software engineers, you many realize that knowing git is nearly as important as knowing an actual programming language. But still many people forget to check out how git works and what commands are responsible for what action. When some time ago, I created a simple Git and Github tutorial for Youtube, I noticed how many people were interested in this topic.

6 min read

Angular tutorial

Some time ago, I created the first tutorial about React.js where I showed you how to create an easy React.js application using an existing API and Bootstrap for styling. The positive response for this article brought me to the idea of creating a series of simple tutorials on how to build an application with the most popular front-end frameworks. To make it even more helpful for beginners and those who prefer to watch and learn, then read and learn; I also decided to add a Youtube video to every episode.

10 min read