Articles about HTML and CSS

8 CSS image filters with code examples

Using images, we can create an atmosphere, arouse happiness, smile, sadness, or any different emotion. With images, we can show a lot, and tell a lot as well; that’s why pictures are so widely used in the websites and applications. Designers take care of how users will feel the website and what kind of emotions it will bring. Graphic designers can use advanced software to edit photos and add them filters, masks, or other effects that decide about the final look.

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CSS Grid tutorial

When we build front-end, always we need to create a structure of our page, and very often, we need to create any grid. We can position elements in a few ways. For example, in the previous article, I showed you how we could do it via flexbox. So, today, I would like to show you one more tool which I want to use, named CSS Grid. Let’s see the most popular (and most often used by me) methods which can save a lot of our time.

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Flexbox cheatsheet – 12 tips and tricks every web developer should know

Probably almost everybody in the front-end industry heard something about the flexbox and benefits which it can give to us when we need to design a grid. In this article, I would like to explain what flexbox is and how we can use it to save a lot of our time. Flexbox is a CSS layout module that allows us to setup nice-behaving and responsive grid in a speedy and friendly way.

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