5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Javascript

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in previous years, but lots of people still ask the question, why it’s worth to learn JS. Since a few years, Javascript spread so much that it’s visible almost everywhere, front-end, back-end and even mobile development and the popularity of this programming language is not getting smaller. There are tones of different frameworks which grown on Javascript basics and are used almost in every project which needs any user interface. Taking into consideration this information, I’ll try to describe to you a few reasons why it’s still a great idea to learn Javascript in this article.

1. Easy to start with

The learning curve in Javascript is pretty gentle. Javascript is a very beginner-friendly programming language, and everybody can start learning without any previous experience. Taking into consideration that Javascript is mostly focused on front-end development and user interfaces, it would be great to learn HTML and CSS first.

It doesn’t take a long time to learn these programming language basics; you can learn the fundamental things in a few months and start creating simple programs or applications. You don’t even need any specific environment because you can run and test your code even in the browser. Also, there is any problematic installation process that will drive you crazy even before you start. Of course, get ready that it’s still the programming and there will be tones of issued during learning and also that you will be learning all your life, but again, Javascript is one of the easiest programming languages where you can start with programming.

2. Great career opportunities

Taking into consideration that demand on the market is huge for Javascript developer, it’s a great opportunity for your career. While you are getting familiar with this programming language, you have tones of different possibilities to start working, from remote freelancing to a lucrative full-time position with crazy tasty coffee in the office. It’s enough to take a look at a few job boards like Monster or Indeed or professional portals like LinkedIn, and you will realize that job offers for programmers with Javascript knowledge are everywhere and it’s one of the most popular programming languages right now. Do you prefer working as a freelancer? No problem as well, you can find a contract with a company which allows you to work from a warm island. Sounds good, right?

And what these options have in common is the good salary. In the case of a Javascript programmer, you don’t have to get 20 years of experience to get satisfactory money. Of course, you have to keep updating your knowledge all the time and getting new skills to be more valuable on the market, but it’s totally profitable.

3. Wide range of usage

Now you may wonder why this Javascript became so popular, there are a few different programming languages, and they didn’t become so popular. Javascript is a language that has a very wide range of usage. Knowing only Javascript, you are able to create an entire web application. Mobile app? Not a problem at all, you may even implement some machine learning with one of Machine Learning library.

There are lots of frameworks for Javascript which allow us to easily create front-end of the application, like for example Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and many more. To create back-end, you don’t need to learn a different programming language; it’s enough to use a different framework like Node.js and learn a little bit about databases and API. Also, Javascript has a solution for mobile applications. To create a mobile front-end, you can use a different framework like React Native or Flutter or a different one.

In this case, no matter if you would like to create a web app or mobile app or even a simple website, you can use Javascript for all of this.

4. Big community

As a very popular programming language, Javascript has a very big community of programmers. And at the beginning it may seem not very important, but as you start learning and need some support the size of the community can matter. In the case of Javascript developers amount, you would probably get help much faster than in case when the community is not so numerous. On the Stack Overflow, the Javascript developers community is one of the biggest.

Also, if you are a senior developer, it’s always better to talk about the newest features, better solutions, or smarter way to create a specific feature with another experienced developer. Also, the community creates lots of articles about programming in Javascript, so it’s another great source to gather knowledge.

5. Lots of sources to learn

Not only the community of Javascript programmers is big, but there are also lots of sources to learn this programming language. This is a very important aspect of the programming language which you decide to learn as if the number of sources wouldn’t be big you would be very limited. In the digital era, you don’t even need to go to school to learn; now you just need a computer and internet connection to open the learning application and start learning.

In case of Javascript, you can find a huge number of books, boot camps, online courses and tutorials like our Javascript Course, where you can not only learn about the theory but also try to create you first applications, and check how it works in reality.


In the article, I went through the five reasons why it’s still good to learn Javascript. I think that it’s a programming language which has a bright future and can give lots of possibilities. Taking into consideration that Javascript is beginner-friendly, it may be an excellent point to start your programming adventure. Have a nice coding!

Thank you for reading, Anna from Duomly