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How to add audio to Google Slides, Power Point, or Keynote presentations and convert them to online courses

How to add audio to Google Slides, Power Point, or Keynote presentations - intro If you are a course creator, you probably know what slides are very useful, no matter if you are presenting live in front of the audience or when preparing the online course. Good presentation is a key thing that may make your training engaging, but it also can help you as a presenter to know what you want to talk about.

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224 power words list, to boost your conversion and create a powerful copywriting

Power words list - intro Word can do a lot. It can provoke emotions, reactions, imagination, dreams. Words can make some publications or social media posts go viral and have millions of fans, and others don’t. Have you ever wondered how it happens and why some people can use words so good and make others engaged? If yes, good news, today, I’ll have a response for you. You’ll find out what power words are, how to use them, and how you can boost your conversions with a simple list of words.

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How to create an online course - Ultimate guide for Online Course Creator

How to create online course - intro Almost everyone has some specific skills or knowledge, like marketing, design, cooking, fitness, or anything else. Thanks to globalization and the internet, you can share this knowledge with people worldwide and earn money by publishing a course and becoming a tutor. If you think that there is something you’d like to teach other people, but you wonder how to create an online course, this article can be pretty helpful for you.

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