224 Power Words List, to Boost Your Conversion and Create a Powerful Copywriting

Power words list - intro

Word can do a lot. It can provoke emotions, reactions, imagination, dreams. Words can make some publications or social media posts go viral and have millions of fans, and others don’t.

Have you ever wondered how it happens and why some people can use words so good and make others engaged?

If yes, good news, today, I’ll have a response for you. You’ll find out what power words are, how to use them, and how you can boost your conversions with a simple list of words.

We’ll also go deeper into the psychology of the power words, and you’ll find out what emotions different words can bring out. We are going to divide those words into 7 categories based on different emotions.

The knowledge you’d get in this article will help you publish content that is liked, followed, and engaging.

Are you ready to go through the list of power words? But first, let’s find out what power words are!

What are power words?

Power words are the words that evoke emotions and responses. Using powerful words in your copywriting on the landing page, blog post, social media post, or even sales funnel can help you evoke your readers’ desirable emotions and reactions.

Using power words in the text you’ve written will make it much easier to lead to conversion because your content will influence people.

When people feel certain emotions they want to respond to, they automatically want to sign in, subscribe, share or even buy your product.

Power words can be divided into different categories based on the emotions they can evoke. For example, there are power words connected to good news, fear, or curiosity. And each of those categories is meant to evoke different emotions, and different audiences need different emotions to respond.

You’ve probably heard or read power words every day in your daily life, in TV commercials, social media posts, or even Youtube videos. Marketers, copywriters, and influencers use power words to convince you to that the action immediately.

But first, you need to learn which words have this power and how to use them wisely to get the effect you want. It’s also good to mention that power words are very often not just single words. It can easily be the phrase.

Power words - Fear

Right now, you may wonder why anyone would like to evoke fear in your clients or readers? That’s not a mistake because fear is one of the most powerful emotions if you want to influence people and provoke a certain response.

When people are afraid of something, and when they feel danger, they can do a lot, they are ready to click any button, give you an email, share your content, and even buy your product if they believe it can help solve their problem. People also feel fear when they can lose something. Now, think about products or services you’ve bought because there was a time-limited offer?

Let’s see 41 words that you can use to evoke fear in your readers.

  • abuse
  • agony
  • blood
  • caution
  • crazy
  • crisis
  • disappointment
  • danger
  • devastating
  • destroy
  • death
  • embarrass
  • fail
  • gambling
  • hack
  • hazardous
  • invasion
  • lost opportunity
  • panic
  • painful
  • plague
  • poison
  • poor
  • prison
  • mistake
  • miss out
  • murder
  • nightmare
  • risky
  • refugee
  • revenge
  • scary
  • scream
  • silly
  • threat
  • tragedy
  • terror
  • vulnerable
  • victim
  • warning
  • worry

Let’s see 3 examples of headlines with fear words:

  1. The 3 most painful mistakes you can do while starting a new business
  2. It’s every mum worst nightmare
  3. Warning: This diet can devastate your health

Let’s go to the next power words category.

Power words - Lust

Let’s say it, lust is a strong human emotion. It also doesn’t have to be thought only in a sexual context because it can be about anything we intensively desire.

It can be anything, what we want so much, that we can think rationally. If you know how to evoke lust, you can sell anything.

Almost every colorful magazine’s first page is covered by headlines that promise us everything that we desire, secrets that we just have to know, and we buy them.

Let’s see 30 lust power words.

  • crave
  • dirty
  • delight
  • exposed
  • forbidden
  • fascinate
  • hottest
  • hypnotic
  • intense
  • kiss
  • love
  • lonely
  • lust
  • obsession
  • naughty
  • naked
  • provocative
  • sensual
  • shameless
  • sinful
  • sex
  • sweaty
  • spicy
  • steamy
  • taste
  • uncensored
  • untouched
  • wet
  • wild
  • whip

And right now, let’s see those words in action.

  1. The uncensored story of Diego Castrillon Levoyer
  2. X hottest trends of the season, you need to know
  3. X forbidden tactics that really work

So, how does it sounds? Let’s see the greed power words right now!

Power words - Greed

Being greedy is natural for every human. We just want more, and enough doesn’t exist. Even if we don’t need more, we really would like to.

Using greed power words, we can easily trigger this emotion in our readers. It’s easy to show them that things have more value or scare them that they may lose 3 in 1 offer.

Let’s see the list of 31 greed words that may help you a lot to sell more.

  • best
  • bargain
  • cash
  • cheap
  • discount
  • double
  • dollar
  • extra
  • free
  • freebie
  • gift
  • greatest
  • guilt-free
  • hurry
  • inexpensive
  • luxurious
  • massive
  • money
  • more
  • new
  • never again
  • pay zero
  • profit
  • prize
  • reduced
  • rich
  • save
  • skyrocket
  • tripple
  • up-sell
  • value

Below you can see 3 examples of greed power word usage.

  1. The best value for a reduced price.
  2. You won’t see better discount never again
  3. Sign up and skyrocket your career now

Power words - Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion that can make people thinking irrationally, doing things that they wound’t do normally. If they are angry at you, your company, or your product, it’s not the best situation, but if they come to you angry and search for a solution for their situation that you have, it’s brilliant.

Let’s go through 30 power words that can help you make them angry in a good way.

  • arrogant
  • bullshit
  • bankrupt
  • bully
  • crush
  • coward
  • disgusting
  • evil
  • fear
  • foul
  • hate
  • know it all
  • lies
  • loser
  • lying
  • no good
  • payback
  • punish
  • revolting
  • sick
  • snob
  • smug
  • screw
  • sneaky
  • stink
  • victim
  • violent
  • weak
  • worst
  • waste

Here are some examples that you can find useful:

  1. 10 lies about low calories diet that nobody will tell you about
  2. How to avoid know it all people?
  3. 5 things everybody hates in online courses

Power words - Trust

Building trust is important when new readers or clients come in. You need to become an authority or an expert if you’d like to teach them from your online course or sell them your products or services. Nobody wants to buy anything from people they don’t trust.

You need to use proper power words to make people trust you and let them feel they can rely on you and your knowledge. Power words can help in this case as well. Using proper ones will evoke good emotions in new people who come to you.

Let’s check 31 trust power words that will help you to build your authority.

  • anonymous
  • according to
  • backed
  • best-selling
  • certified
  • complete
  • cancel anytime
  • effective
  • guaranteed
  • lifetime
  • moneyback
  • no questions asked
  • no risk
  • no additional fees
  • no strings attached
  • official
  • privacy
  • protected
  • proven
  • refund
  • results
  • research
  • risk-free
  • super
  • secure
  • supported
  • tested
  • verify
  • world-class
  • unconditional
  • ultimate

Here are some examples of trust power words usage:

  1. The ultimate guide to online marketing
  2. 9 best-selling online courses that help you to get the best results
  3. Official results of Oxford University research about climate changes

Power words - Curiosity

Can you remind any situation when you were so curious about anything? Curiosity is another emotion that makes it really hard to control it. If you can evoke this emotion, you can be sure people do what you want them to do.

You can often see headlines telling about secrets, unknown methods, or some hacks, and the thing is that everyone wants to know secrets, and there is only one way to find out.

Let’s see the list of 31 curiosity words that you can use to influence people.

  • banned
  • behind the scenes
  • black market
  • blacklisted
  • censored
  • confession
  • confidential
  • cover-up
  • discover
  • exotic
  • forbidden
  • forgotten
  • hidden
  • illegal
  • insane
  • invitation only
  • lost
  • little known
  • never seen before
  • members only
  • myths
  • private
  • remote
  • restricted
  • secrets
  • strange
  • shocking
  • top secret
  • unauthorized
  • untold
  • unspoken

And let’s see the curiosity power words in action.

  1. 8 hidden places in London, to spend a sunny weekend
  2. 5 little known secrets of successful marketing strategy
  3. Discover a new method of learning with online courses

Power words - Vanity and Pride

The last type of power word is the words appealing to the vanity and pride of the users. People want others to admire them, how they look, what they achieved. We love to share photos from gorgeous holidays or fit bodies.

Using vanity and pride power words will help you show people that by readying your blog, buying your product, subscribing to your application, or learning from your online course, they can be more successful, and others can admire them.

Here’s a list of 30 vanity power words.

  • ambitious
  • attractive
  • beautiful
  • breathtaking
  • bold
  • best
  • boost
  • brave
  • clever
  • cute
  • devoted
  • fearless
  • fulfill
  • greatest
  • genius
  • graceful
  • gorgeous
  • hero
  • handsome
  • influential
  • innovative
  • lovely
  • powerful
  • smart
  • succeed
  • spectacular
  • successful
  • stunning
  • victory
  • wonderful

Let’s see how to use vanity power words in action!

  1. The best online course to boost your skills!
  2. Learn those 3 things to make your career successful
  3. This training plan will help you to achieve a breathtaking body in 2 months!

List of power words - Summary

In this article, we went through 7 categories of power words, and each category consists of power words that can evoke different emotions. If you can write your content in a way to evoke those emotions, you can boost your conversion and find more clients among your audience.

Making people curious or angry or making them trust you will help influence their behavior and push them to respond to your call to action, whatever it is.

I hope the list of 224 power words will help you create engaging content and evoke emotions in your readers. Keep those words saved, and come back sometimes to be sure you are using them daily in your written content.

Thank you for reading,
Anna from Duomly