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15 CSS tips and tricks which help you to create an amazing websites

CSS is Cascading Style Sheets and is used to describe how HTML elements should display. It’s one of the first technology learned by soon to be front-end and web developers, and it’s an absolute have to know basic. Although it seems CSS can’t do a lot besides giving our HTML colors, positions, etc., but it can also let us create animations and bring some life to our apps and websites.

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How to build company website with Bulma CSS

Intro to how to build company website with Bulma CSS Today you will learn how to build company website with Bulma CSS. In the previous episodes, you’ve learned how to build a website with Bootstrap 5: And, you’ve learned how to build admin template with Bootstrap 5: Now, it is the time for something the same fantastic, and maybe even sweeter for the UI. Bulma CSS framework is a very popular, great to use, and a beautiful CSS framework that you can use to build great UI.

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How to build Bootstrap admin template tutorial

Into to building a Bootstrap admin template Last week I published an article about Bootstrap 5, where we showed you how to build a simple portfolio web page, and it seems like a lot of you really like it. That’s why today I decided to prepare you a new Bootstrap tutorial, where we are going to build a Bootstrap 5 admin template for the blog management application, step by step.

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6 most popular front-end interview questions and answers for beginners [PART 3]

Intro to Front-end interview questions for beginners PART 3 Today we’ll talk about the CSS interview questions for beginners. Welcome to the next part of the front-end questions series. All of the episodes in our series are related to the most popular things that developers ask about the technology, which are often used in job tech interviews. In the previous episodes, we talked about javascript and React.js more general, and you can find the URLs to those episodes here:

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How to create a simple web page using Bootstrap 5

Create a simple web page using Bootstrap A few weeks ago, Bootstrap 5 alpha version appeared on the market, and that’s why today I’d like to go through what’s new and create a simple web page using Bootstrap 5. In April, we’ve published the article and video about Bootstrap 4 where we are showing you step by step how to build a simple dashboard, so if you missed that episode and article, go ahead and check it here:

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8 amazing HTML button hover effects, that you should try in your website

Intro to HTML button hover effects Buttons are essential HTML elements often used on every page, web application, or mobile application. HTML button is quite an essential element in the layout because, in a lot of cases, it’s the element that has to be noticed by the user as a call to action and convince to click on it. Front-end developers and designers often try to highlight buttons in any nice way, especially when users interact with them, for example, on hover or focus.

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Angular Course with building a banking application with Tailwind CSS – Lesson 4: User registration

For almost three weeks, we are creating an Angular 9 fintech application together, step by step. We’ve already gone through the setting the project and creating a login form template, then we’ve created the logic for our login form, and last week we displayed user data in the template. Today, it’s time for lesson 4, where we will handle user registration. If you didn’t start with me, feel free to go through all the lessons until now.

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Angular Course with building a banking application with Tailwind CSS – Lesson 3: User account balance

The previous week we’ve published the second lesson of our Angular Course with Tailwind CSS, where we are building a banking app step by step. In the first lesson, we’ve created a project using Angular CLI, installed Tailwind CSS, and started building the first component UI, the login form. If you didn’t start with us in lesson one, feel free to go back and start from scratch or just get the code from our Github.

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HTML project ideas for beginners

This article contains affiliate links. By purchasing using these links you support our blog and YouTube channel. In this article, I’m going to give you 11 HTML project ideas for beginners. Creating your coding, front-end portfolio can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie and don’t have a lot of ideas. You probably wonder what kind of smaller or bigger projects you can create to impress your future employer and quickly get a job.

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React Hooks Tutorial with Examples

Usually, most of the front-end frameworks updates don’t bring huge changes, but it was different in February 2019, when Facebook released 16.8 version of React.js. They introduced Hooks API, a functionality which, in my opinion, makes things easier because it allows using of functional components a similar way as we used class components until that time. As in the beginning, Hooks API was just used by some curious developers to check what’s inside, today it’s officially recommended to use it.

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