HTML Project Ideas for Beginners

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In this article, I’m going to give you 11 HTML project ideas for beginners.

Creating your coding, front-end portfolio can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie and don’t have a lot of ideas.

You probably wonder what kind of smaller or bigger projects you can create to impress your future employer and quickly get a job.

Getting the right ideas is not easy, so we’d like to give you a short series with ideas of projects for frontend developers, you can do for practicing and save in your Github account as your coding portfolio.

The series will be divided for the three articles, one with ideas for the basics, so HTML and CSS projects. The second one will be the Javascript project list, which you can do for training and building your experience. The third one will be the list of projects you can do to practice your framework knowledge and create a full front-end stack portfolio.

Besides that, in each of the articles, I will share with you some useful sources, where you can find free photos, graphics, or full layouts to code.

As always, for the ones who are more a watching person than a reading person, we have a Youtube episode on the same topic, so join us on our Youtube channel.

Are you ready to start?

HTML & CSS projects for front-end developer portfolio

At the beginning of your learning path, you will learn HTML & CSS skills. Those skills are essential in almost all front-end projects you are going to create in the future. It means that you need a solid knowledge and understanding of those two.

It’s worth to mention, that while you will be building HTML & CSS projects, you should consider building one or two projects using any of the popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or any of those described in the article here.

But there’s also good news. If you understand the main concept of CSS frameworks, they will be very similar to use.

Summarizing, below, you will see a list of projects that you can build using HTML & CSS. You should select at least a few of them, and first, try to write them from scratch, and when you feel comfortable with those skills, try to create a few projects with CSS framework.

Besides that, keep in mind that all of your projects should be mobile friendly.

Also, at the end of this article, you’ll find a few resources where you can look for free layouts to code.

Let’s start the list of HTML project ideas for beginners!

1. Login form

Your first HTML project should be something easy and understandable. You clearly know what you are doing and why.

Considering that everybody uses login forms and knows what a simple login form should consist of, this is a project you definitely should create.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just simple form, with two inputs, and a button. Try to make it mobile-friendly as well.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can learn it here:

How to build login form in HTML

2. Website

Another step to progress with your HTML skills should be something more complex like a website.

And again, not too complicated, but a simple website with a few sections, and mobile-friendly. What will be the subject of your website depends on you.

It’s important to learn how it should be done with HTML, and how to make it to keep responsiveness.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can learn it here:

How to build website with HTML

3. Ecommerce

If we leveling up, we would like to build more advanced projects, with some different UI, to be able to use different skills.

Another project you should try to practice skills and create an awesome portfolio is E-commerce. It has a different structure than a website, and it has some different features, like products or carts.

Of course, you don’t have to start with all of this, but you can develop your product with time.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can learn it here:

How to build ecommerce website in HTML with Bootstrap

4. Simple Biography Website

The easiest thing you can create to practice your HTML & CSS skills is creating a simple webpage with text and images about someone you admire.

If you’d like to buy a ready page with code and design, take a look here:

Simple Biography Website

5. Contact Page with Form

The second project for beginners would be a contact page with form. It should contain a few fields and a button to send the form.

If you need a ready contact page, you can buy it here:

Contact Page with Form

6. Registration Form

To get some more practice with forms, you can create a little bit more advanced registration form with a logo image, select field, checkbox, and register button.

If you need the ready registrationform with code and design and a little more advanced, you can buy it here:

Registration Form

7. Product Landing Page

Another easy project you could create is a simple product landing page. In this project, you could contain elements like newsletter form, product images, and some text.

If you’d like to get a ready landing page, with code and design, you can buy it here:

Landing Page

8. Restaurant Menu Page

The next exciting project you could create for your portfolio is a restaurant menu page. To make it a little more advanced, you can divide positions into categories, each with the list, images, and button to select, or pricing.

If you need a ready Restaurant Page you can buy it here with code and designs:

Restaurant Page

9. Fitness Club Website

Another exciting, eye-catching project you could code is a website for your favorite fitness club. You can practice even more by adding elements like classes, time tables, photo galleries, and pricing cards.

To buy a ready gym website, with code and design, take a look here:

Gym Website

10. Portfolio Page

This point is not only something that can be a great exercise and place for your portfolio, but it can also be kind of your resume, which you could create and host online.

You can make it more advanced by creating a few pages like Home, About Me, Projects, or Contact.

Besides that, it could be a great idea to try using a few CSS animations. If you’d like to find out more about using CSS animations, take a look at the article we published some time ago.

To buy a ready portfolio project take a look here:

Portfolio Page

11. CRM View

The next exciting project to complete using HTML & CSS is a CRM view. It has a different design, it has to be user friendly, often uses vertical menus, tables, and pagination. Those are elements that are not very common in the plain websites designs.

It may be a great idea to create this project with Bootstrap, or CSS grid to learn about positioning elements.

To buy a ready CRM View with design and code, take a look here:

CRM View

12. App Page

Another interesting project for beginners is to code the app landing page. You could select your favorite mobile app or imagine the one you’d like to build one day and create a landing page for this application.

Place here information about the app, feature section with icons, how it works section, some images, and buttons for downloading from apps on iOS and Android.

If you are looking for a ready App Page with code, you can buy it here:

App Page

13. Beauty Products Store

E-commerce is another idea for the project, which could be a great position in your coding portfolio. When creating a beauty products store, you could build:

  • main page with slider and featured products,
  • product page with the description and ‚Add to card’ button,
  • cart page, with checkout form.

To buy a ready beauty e-commerce template take a look here:

Beauty E-commerce

14. E-book Store

The last idea on this list is a digital product online store. So, you can create a page with products and categories, and a get product page with a download button where we can get the product after filling the checkout form.

If you need a ready e-book store, here you can buy one:

E-book Shop


In the list above, you can find 14 HTML project ideas for beginners, so you can practice your skills. You should keep all the projects in your Github account to show them to your future employer or add new features or technology to develop the projects.

If you don’t know how to create a Github account, check our tutorial.

I hope you’ll find it useful as a beginner. If you have any other ideas, share it for others in the comments.

Also, remember about the other project ideas for front-end technology that we will create in a few days.

And if you are more advanced, check out our methods on how to practice Javascript


Here are the promised resources!

Free layouts: [footer credits must remain in place]

Free images:

Layout inspirations:

Thank you for reading,

Anna from Duomly