Which Programming Language Is the Best to Learn in 2019

Intro to which programming language is the best to learn

Today we will talk about which programming language is the best to learn.

Programming is a profession of the present and the future. Each of us is familiar with that.

So far, you had ideas or created applications and software that were useful to you and to the whole community. Think about apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then consider programs like Exel, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Each of us at least once met or heard about the Snake and Tic-Tac-Toe games.

Why did I say this, because I would describe programming with the following words: creative, exciting, benefits.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner in programming or you are considering about improving your existing skills, in this article, I will analyze eight popular languages that differ from one another, but all have the same task: development and execution of the program.

1. Python

Python is interpreted and dynamically typed program language.   Its simple syntax, readability, and a wide range of applications have made it one of the most popular programming languages today.

Where is used?

Python used for programming standard applications and web app.  However, using Python has lately been particularly prominent in areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is thus very suitable for the development of applications based on the detection system, recognition and recommended.

Except for the above, this language is increasingly popular in data science where is used for data processing and visualization.

Big project/companies who use it?

Some of the most famous Python-based applications are BitTorrent, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Uber. Apps which I mentioned use Django and Flask frameworks. Interesting is the fact that the Sims 4 video game is coding written in Python.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Since Python is written in C language, there are similarities to C/C ++ programming languages but also differences. Python is easy to learn, quick to write and is suitable for beginners. Beginners will undoubtedly encounter many difficulties during the learning process, but we should remember that the Python community is numerous.


– Simple syntax, – Quickly writes, – Object-oriented.


– Slower execution compared to C / C ++ languages and Go, – Not suitable for mobile applications and system programming.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the programming languages that conquers the developer community and experienced growing expansion. He is static typing and works on JVM.

Where is used?

Its purpose is of a general type, for development, server-side, client-side, web, but is most notable in Android app development. The fact that Google supported this language in Android’s development app pushed Kotlin to the forefront.

Big project/ companies who use it?

Some companies that use the Kotlin for the Android app are Pinterest and Evernote. I can assume that an increasing number of companions will adopt it in time.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Kotlin is at a medium level, especially for beginners. I must point out that currently there are insufficient resources and learning materials from scratch. It is much simpler for Java developers because all Java frameworks are compatible with Kotlin.


– Minimalism (application development with a smaller number of code lines compared to Java), – Readability, – Suitable for developing Android applications.


– The Kotlin community is still small, – Insufficient learning resources, – Variable speed of execution.

3. JavaScript

I can freely say, for now, there is no competition for Javascript in web development. Considering that the Node.js platform is based on Javascript, this programming language covers both front-end and back-end areas.

Javascript is interpreted and dynamically typed language supported by several frameworks and libraries. One of the most famous libraries is jQuery, which makes it easier to coding (simplify it). Also, the list of frameworks developed by a company such as Google and Facebook has influenced the shift of the use limits of Javascript.

Where is used?

The primary purpose refers to the functionality of the website, its dynamics, and interaction. Apart from that, Javascript is becoming more and more used in the developing of the web app. In this context, Node.js has become popular in building real-time web applications, multi-tasking, and chat app. I want to point out that the app developed with frameworks like Angular/React/Vue can turn into a progressive web app (PWA).

The relatively new and modern field of using Javascript is Machine Learning, now with the support of the TensorFlow.js library.

Big project/ companies who use it?

The back-end of PayPal is based on Node.js. Besides numerous other technologies, Instagram and Netflix are also based on Javascript and React framework.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Javascript is specific and unique. The syntax is like some other languages, but not the programming language itself. Although it is valid for one of the easiest languages, sometimes is difficult for beginners to understand the asynchronous process, prototypes and similar. It is necessary to know computer science, especially when talking about the intermediate or advanced level of Javascript.

However, it is very suitable for beginners. The reason for this is a wide range of available courses, tutorials, and materials. You can go deeper into the problem.

Take a look at how to practice Javascript


– Beginner friendly,
– Full-stack,
– It’s fast,
– Object-oriented.


– It is necessary to have a good knowledge of Javascript before using the Node.js platform,
– Dynamically typing can be confusing for beginners.

4. Golang

Go is developed by Google and is a blend of concepts that best showed in practice. He is compiled and statically typed.

This language is young but highly appreciated in the programming community. Go represents an excellent alternative to Python from the aspect of efficiency.

Where is used?

This language has been developed to monitor the needs of modern software and web applications. There is a substantial number of frameworks. It is gaining popularity in graphics and machine learning.

Big project/ companies who use it?

Some of the most famous companies that have joined Go are Heroku, Medium, and Google. Migration from other programming languages to Go (in certain segments) is common. For example, Airbrake switched with Ruby to Go and Dropbox with Python to Go.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Although Go language belongs to the C family, it is modeled on many other languages. Other languages like Java, JavaScript, Python are responsible for its functionality and efficiency, but also for reducing negative features.

For experienced programmers, learning of Go is not a problem but a challenge. This is especially when we talk about analyses and the comparison of its performances with the performances of the languages they used earlier. Go is not recommended for beginners because of the complexity of understanding different concepts. It is important to emphasize his excellent documentation.


– With each new version performance is getting better, – Fast compilation even with large programs, – Easy debugging thanks to the strong type system, – Safe.


– Difficult to learn, – Still not enough developed community (unlike Python).

5. Solidity

Solidity is a statically typed language. Ethereum developed this program and executed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Where is used?

Solidity is used only for smart contracts. Having in mind the digital expansion, smart contracts are the future and will be all more represented.

Big project/ companies who use it?

At this moment, Solidity uses only Ethereum, and one of the favorite apps is CryptoKitties game.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

The syntax is like Javascript, so learning this language is more straightforward.


– Easy to learn, – Rapidly growth.


– Tiny community, – Almost impossible to correct errors after deploy.

6. C/C++

C/C++ are compiled and statically typed languages. On this list, these languages represent the oldest. However, I must note that it bases many languages and some other technologies of the recent date on the C language. Quality of C is taught because it has survived to this day.

The syntax properties of C and C++ are almost identical. The fundamental difference between them is that C++ is an object-oriented and functional language. Due to better characteristics of C++, today it has overcome C.

Where is used?

For programs that need speed, like games and systems, C/C++ is a good choice. I also have to emphasize the GUI for which C++ is unmatched. In this area it is distinguished by the efficiency and elegance of the code, compared to, for example, Java. In short, it is recommended for a complex real-time app.

Big project/ companies who use it?

I already mentioned that Python was written in C. Except Python and PHP. The most famous and most used database MySQL is based on C/C++ languages.

When it comes to the GUI and C++ that dominates in it, it’s enough to mention Adobe (Photoshop and Illustrator).

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Both languages are difficult to learn, but if you know C, switch from it to C++ or any other language is easy. Also, because of its fundamentals and uses over the years, a lot of learning materials are available.

Beginners will probably avoid C++ due to hardness and will first bow to Python or Java.

Pros C++

– Very fast, although compilation can sometimes last – Combination of low and high-level language – Switching from C to C ++ is simple – Object-oriented.

Cons C++

– Not beginner friendly, – Not recommended for the web app, – Manual memory, – Difficult debugging.

7. C#

Except for C++, C # is another language whose popularity does not last for many years. Microsoft created it to unify C/C++ and Java languages. I must emphasize that some C # compilers (for example MS) are written in C++.

Where is used?

C# is a general-purpose language, but most focused on Windows desktop app and web development. It is highlighted for programs and sites where communication with the database is required (in this light it is better than C ++). Popular ASP.NET is a combine of C # and HTML.

Also, it is important to mention that many games based on C # language, but C ++ is certainly more suitable for this field.

Big project/ companies who use it?

The Unity platform for creating games uses C#. ASP.NET framework is the basis of Stack Overflow. Next, the popular healthcare platform DockPlanner also takes C #.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

It is easier to learn than C/C++, but I can not classify it into easy to learn languages like Python and Javascript.


– Quickly communicate with the database, – Good choice for the Web app, – Object-oriented.


– Slower for graphically demanding applications (in comparison with C ++), – The compilation is sometimes tricky, – Focused on Windows.

8. Swift

Swift became synonymous with the iOS app.

Developed by Apple according to modern concepts and needs, reflects the effect in the construction of the programming language, but also on the requirements of the modern app. Swift has taken many positive features from other languages (such as Python, C#).

He is a compiled and statically typed language.

Where is used?

It is used to develop the iOS app, Linux app and other apps in Apple’s system. I must mention that Swift covers both backend and frontend.

Big project/ companies who use it?

Apple store is based on Swift. Except for Apple, one of the most famous social media websites, 9GAG, also uses Swift as one of the technologies.

Difficult? Is it similar to anything?

Given that Swift is a young language with a lot of potentials, it will be easy for beginners to keep up with its development. The important thing is that the Swift frameworks are rapidly evolving.

Swift is most often compared to Python. I can say it is one of the languages not hard to learn. This is especially true for developers who move from Objective-c to Swift.


– Beginner friendly, – Rapidly growth, – Readability (Compared to Objective-C), – Fast, – Full-stack.


– Young language, but the community is growing.

The rank of the languages with the highest amount of jobs

1. JavaScript – 12,548 (17.27%)

2. C# – 11,999 (16.52%)

3. Python – 7,984 (10.99%)

4. C/C++ – 3,635 (5.00%)

5. Go – 842 (1.16%)

6. Swift – 390 (0.54%)

7. Kotlin – 319 (0.44%)

8. Solidity – 27 (0.037%)

The rank of the languages with the highest salary

To estimate the most paid technology we have taken the median salary for the last three months. I must say that the results are impressive.

1. Solidity – $113k

2. Go – $76k

3. Python – $67k

4. Kotlin – $67k

5. Swift – $60k

6. C/C++ – $59k

7. JavaScript – $56k

8. C# – $56k

The easy to learn rank

1. Solidity

2. Python

3. JavaScript

4. Swift

5. Kotlin

6. C#

7. C/C++

8. Go


Each of the above and analyzed programming languages has its seal. Whether it’s about purpose, performance or popularity, the choice and use of language primarily depend on your interest and the field of work. By that, I think some programming languages have advantages over the competition.

According to the attached statistics, Javascript, C # and Python are at the top of the list of jobs. Javascript works in the area of web development, and currently, there is no competition.

Let’s consider all three records. Python, because of its simplicity and wide-ranging purpose, slowly but surely takes the place of an absolute winner compared to other competitive languages. If we compare Python with C # and Go, the advantages are:

1. Easy to learn 2. Everything is more paid 3. His rank grows year after year

About Solidity, I would like you to pay attention to him. The easiest and the most paid language at the moment. If we ask “What will surely experience the expand in a couple of years?” be sure it will be smart contracts. Related to this, the number of Solidity experts is small, the deficit is, and the demand will be growing. So, whether or not you are a beginner, with Solidity, you will surely not make a mistake.

Winner: Solidity and Python