5 Jobs, Which Allow You to Work Remotely

Working remotely becomes very popular nowadays, for companies it’s a great way to find qualified employees, and save money on big offices. For employees, it’s also an excellent opportunity to live in a selected location and work from home, or favorite cafe. It’s also a great way to keep a healthy work-life balance. Besides this, being a digital nomad also became a popular trend lately. A digital nomad is a person who uses technology to earn money for a living and changes the location very often. I think it’s an excellent idea for young people to visit lots of lovely places around the world, the ones which have an internet connection, of course.

Also, in one of the previous articles, I was writing about a story of my friend Sara (you can check it here) who decided to change her career and get a remote job. She had little difficulties in finding out what are the best jobs, which give her the possibility to work from home, which gave me an idea for this article.

It seems like people who can work from home need lots of luck, and it’s tough to get a job like this. In this article, I’d like to show you that you don’t need to be a ninja to start working wherever you want. I’m going to describe to you a few jobs which can be easily done this way.

Let’s start!

1. Web developer

A web developer is a person who can create a website. Web developers may find a full-time remote position and work as a part of the company 8h per day. But if they prefer to work as much as they need, not necessarily every day, they can also find lots of freelancing offers on freelancing portals.

Let’s now find out what skills are necessary to work as a web developer. It’s a great idea to learn any CMS like WordPress, for example. Very useful would be to know HTML and CSS, and some PHP, Javascript can be useful, too (depending on the CMS). You can learn these skills in a few months, with available online courses, books, or bootcamps. For the first experience, taking a few freelancing projects or internship in a company is a great solution.

As most of the technical employees, web developers can get a really nice salary.

2. Graphic designer / UI designer

If you are a more creative person and have an eye for details, you can think of a graphic designer or user interface designer job. Graphic designers can often work remotely or grab a freelance offers. There are a few different specifications for graphic design. You can design graphics with will be printed, like flyers, banners, etc., or you can do design for the websites or apps, and you can also create a 3D design.

If you decide which type of design is interesting for you, then you can select from a bunch of different online courses that will teach you the rules of the design and current trends. In this kind of job, it’s important to check the current trends all the time to create modern layouts or printing materials. If you are more interested in web design or UI design, it’s a great idea to learn about user experience as well. It can be a great advantage in your resume. Also, the basics of RWD (Responsive Web Design) and Bootstrap knowledge would be great. Learning skills for a graphic designer may take you a few months, as well. Also, practice and building your own portfolio is very important.

3. Copywriter

Copywriting is crucial today, and the market needs lots of them right now, especially when the meaning of content marketing is growing. Almost every business has a blog, and websites need content which is good to read, interesting, and SEO friendly. This is what copywriters do on a daily basis, they are creating text for the website, ads, blog posts, etc.

Very popular and well paid is technical copywriting. For example, Blockchain became very popular in the last few years, and lots of startups were looking for copywriting services. For this, you need only the basic knowledge of Blockchain theory, and you can earn much more than writing about lifestyle or business.

To become a copywriter, it would be really great if you are familiar with writing and have the ability to write a good text. But, if not, no worries, you can learn it as well. There are online courses about copywriting as well, which will teach you what is important in creating a good marketing text. Also, it’s a great idea to start writing guest posts on existing blogs to build a portfolio and practice your writing skills.

In the case of copywriting, it will be much easier to find freelance opportunities, there are tones of them on freelancing portals.

4. Social media marketer

Social media marketing becomes an important part of marketing in many companies. Everyone wants to interact with users using social media; that’s why there is a huge demand for people who know how social media works and what to do to get lots of followers in big engagement.

But taking into consideration this kind of job doesn’t need lots of technical skills it won’t give you a big salary. Also, there are many other people who do this kind of service.

5. Growth hacker

If you are interested in marketing a little bit more, then growth hacking is a great field for you. Growth hacking is about bringing a big amount of users to the service or product website. It’s a rather new marketing method, so there are not a lot of people with growth marketer skills on the market, and it’s very in demand. To become a growth hacker, you need to take a few courses about growth methods. Also, there are a bunch of books describing methods other growth marketers used previously. For this, it’s a good idea to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, because lots of these marketing methods require small changes in the code.


As you see, there are plenty of different jobs which can be done remotely from another part of the world or from your favorite desk. Remote working has lots of advantages, but there are also darker sides of a home office. And about this, we are going to create another article to prepare you for everything you need to know and help to make your choice wiser. Although, if you think it’s a good way of working for you, right now I really encourage you to try it. I have a very good experience, and for me, it’s one of the best ways of cooperation.

Also, if you have any idea about different types of jobs that can be done remotely, let us know in the comments or our social media.

Thank you for learning, Anna from Duomly