27 Freelance Jobs of the Future That Will Let You Work Remotely

27 Freelance jobs of the future that will let you work remotely - Intro

Everything is changing, including the job market and people’s needs. More and more young people starting their adult lives want more freedom than our parents used to have. We want to travel around the world, still earning enough money to pay for rent.

Considering that we actually have tools to live like this, we have internet and software that allows us to work remotely and do freelance jobs anywhere in the world or from our own apartment.

Many young people who just start their career and professional life still don’t want to jump into the suit and start the 9 to 5 office life. We want to feel free for a few more years and enjoy our 20s or 30s. Some of you may think about starting a business that will help you earn a living; others are looking for freelance jobs that can be done remotely.

What skills are required to work as a freelancer and start to have a job that will still be good in the future?

Answering those questions would help lots of us understand what we should do to ensure a promising future without losing the current time in the office room.

In this article, I’ve decided to gather 27 jobs that can actually be freelance jobs and let you work remotely. Besides that, all of those jobs are quite cool and trendy, so there are no worries that your skills won’t be useful in a few years. What’s better, if you start now, you will be master in a few years, and your earnings will be much higher.

Let’s start!

IT Jobs

IT was the first one that comes to my mind, probably because that’s what I’m doing. The world goes through a transformation right now, and that’s what we could see really clearly last year.

Many businesses go online, and each of them, no matter if small or big, needs software, website, or app. This also makes the demand for IT people grows, and this job can be done freelance easily. Also, lots of people in IT work remotely.

IT is not just about programmers, so let’s go through the jobs I’ve listed here, and maybe you’ll find something for yourself here.

Front End Developer

A frontend developer is a person who takes care of the user interface, and everything visible in the software simply translates the design into code and adds some interactivity. For example, if you click the button, that’s because the frontend developer coded that.

It’s also one of the most in-demand coding work. Lately, programming has changed a bit, and since most of the apps’ functionality is done on the browser site, many companies are rebuilding their software, so they need frontend developers. With a big demand on the market always comes lots of other benefits.

There are also many freelance jobs and remote jobs for frontend developers, so you always have a choice to work a few hours per week and earn enough, or work 40h a week and get a full salary.

Frontend technology mainly comes with knowledge of one programming language called Javascript and a framework. HTML and CSS would be good, but those are pretty straightforward.

Backend Developer

This is the other coding job, which involves more technical understanding. The backend developer creates the code that works with the database and frontend. It’s completely invisible for the application user.

Backend developers can use different programming languages like Java, Golang, Python, or many others. In most cases, backend developer learns one programming language that he or she likes most and feel most comfortable with.

Every application that needs a frontend developer almost always needs a backend developer, so the demand is pretty big for this job.

Finding a freelance or remote job shouldn’t be difficult with those skills. Also, there are minimal chances that the market won’t need coding skills anymore.

Machine Learning Engineer

This one is a pretty hot topic in the IT sector. Lots of companies in various sectors, small and big, want to save money with automation. There are already automated shops, fully autonomous warehouses, stock predictions, and many, many more examples of machine learning in our everyday life.

All this needs to be coded, and this is a machine learning engineer’s job, and it’s definitely one of the future jobs, so having machine learning skills won’t make you stay without money, even in 5 or 10 years.

Machine learning is mostly about learning a few algorithms and libraries that help create the code and help machines learn. Machine learning engineers use Python mostly.

It’s also another job which can be done remotely or as a freelance job.

Data Scientist

The world is full of data; huge data centers are gathering data from all around the world. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and many other companies on the internet process tons of data every day.

A data scientist is a person who works with data. Data scientists are analyzing data, thinking about different problems that the data can present and how those can be solved based on the data.

Data scientists help predict different market behaviors, market products, and ads better, sell better, and solve issues.

It’s another job which can be done remotely and doesn’t require being in the office every day. As data is more and more important, for sure, it won’t be outdated, and it can be pretty exciting to work with such an amount of information.

Mobile App Developer

Since smartphones have become small computers in our pocket, we started to use them almost all the time, on the train, eating dinner, or during a work break. That’s why companies started to follow the trend and produce apps for our smartphones, so we can easily use them.

This trend also affected the IT jobs market and made the demand for mobile app developers exploded.

So, this is another job that you can do remotely and as a freelancer. Also, many tools make it easy to create one code and have two apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Web Developer

As I’ve already mentioned, many companies started to digitalize and transform by going online. In such a case, all of them need a primary identity on the internet, a website.

If there is such demand, it’s another fantastic opportunity to get skills and start doing freelance jobs as a web developer.

Nowadays, there is a possibility to decrease the amount of time needed to build a single page using page builders and no code generators that allow you to build awesome websites with just a basic knowledge of coding.

QA Engineer

Every application that is created can’t be published live until it’s not tested and it’s not approved that the quality is good.

This is the job of the Quality Assurance Engineers, which are also known as QA testers. There are two types of QA testers, ones who use automation to test and ones who do it manually.

If you just start your career, that’s pretty fine to start as a manual tester, but if you learn how to write automated tests, you can earn more.

QA testers can work with companies, but very often, it’s possible to work remotely. As a freelancer, you can easily find a few companies that you can cooperate with a few hours a week, which can be a pretty comfortable income source.

Online Marketing Jobs

Digitalization has a massive impact on marketing growth, especially digital marketing. Currently, most of the marketing already happens online, and there are many ways to market your business to different people, like content marketing, SEO, emails, and many more.

This category gives lots of opportunities to people who love marketing and work with people but online. Let’s go through the list of jobs that can be done remotely in marketing.


A copywriter is a person who writes content like articles or content for the website, or publications. Copywriters have to know how to create the text to make people want to read more and stay on the website or be curious about the solution.

Everyone can easily practice copywriting skills by starting their own blog and creating exciting articles there. Also, the feedback will be from real people, so you’ll have the possibility to learn a lot and also build a portfolio. And, of course, the portfolio is pretty important when you negotiate the rate.

This job can easily be done as a freelance and remotely. And if you think that there are not enough jobs to earn money, believe me, there are tons of copywriting jobs; it’s just necessary to be good and practice writing a lot.

SEO Specialist

The next marketing job of the future is SEO specialist. This is a person who knows about search engine optimization and knows how to help companies to rank better in Google search and other popular search engines.

It’s important to be on the top with every Google algorithms update because it will give you a market advantage.

This job also can be easily done remotely, connecting with the client on an online call.

Social Media Marketer

If you know how to become visible on social media positively, many people would love to pay you some money for that.

Social media marketer is another job of the future that can give you lots of freedom about your location and work time.

You can easily find a few clients, care about their social media profiles, and help them grow and reach more clients.

Considering that most of us use social media daily, it could be a pretty cool and fun job!

Sales Funnel Specialist

Have you ever heard about sales funnels? It’s a way of marketing that leads straight to sales. Sales funnels are a kind of online sales process where we sell products or services mostly through the landing page and emails.

It’s kind of hot right now, so it means that if you’ve got the skills to create a good sales funnel and improve it, you can earn a lot of money working from any place in the world.

This form of marketing is a little bit more about sales, so if you feel like this can be what you love to do, here’s a way to make it remotely.

Email Marketer

Emails are still a powerful tool in marketing. With emails, it’s easy to build a relationship with the client or prospect. This is one of the most personal messaging channels, but this also needs to be done properly to work.

Being an email marketer can be another marketing job that you can do remotely and as a freelancer. And in this case, it’s also possible to find a few companies and cooperate with them on a long time basis, which is a comfortable solution and makes your freelance income kind of stable.

To become an email marketer, you need to learn how to create emails that covert and how to use at least one email marketing tool. If you’d like to find out about email automation, I’ve written an article about it.

PPC Specialist

Still, one of the popular marketing strategies is to pay for the ads, and it’s called a pay-per-click campaign. For example, Google AdWords gives the possibility to set the campaign like this. Also, it’s possible on Facebook or Instagram.

Knowledge of creating a good PPC campaign can change into a cool remote job, create ads, and analyze the campaign results to improve the results and bring your customers sales.

This can be done remotely, and it’s definitely a job that will still last for a long time, so you don’t need to worry that your skills will be temporary.

Design Jobs

Are you more creative, and technology or marketing doesn’t seem like an interesting job for you? No worries, design jobs can be done remotely on a freelance basis as well, and it’s a really in-demand job.

Design is what makes software attractive and decides if the ad would be clicked, so if you love colors, shapes, and fonts, that’s the way for you.

Let’s go through the design jobs!

Web Designer

The most popular design job on the internet is a web designer, so the person can design websites. It’s about making the website attractive and adjusted to the web standards, and easy to be coded.

In this kind of job, you’d cooperate with the client closely to get the most required results, and sometimes with the coders.

Web design can be an exciting job, and it can give you lots of fun and nice money. It’s important to have a good portfolio, but no worries, you can learn and build a portfolio by yourself, looking for inspiration around you.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a similar role to a web designer, but a graphic designer is more focused on other design types than websites.

A graphic designer can focus more on ads, banners, posts, thumbnails, and any other graphic design that is not straight for the web. But there’s also good news, you could connect those two roles together and design different things if you enjoy that. Or you could combine graphic design skills with any of your marketing works.

As a graphic designer, a big part of your work would be to create graphics for print, like invitations, business cards, leaflets, etc.

It’s kind of a different type of design, but still popular and still in demand.

Social Media Designer

As a social media designer, your focus would be on designing social media posts. When a company wants to promote their products or services through social media, they need a lot of design, like post images for Facebook, Instagram posts and stories to create a beautiful feed, posts for the tweeter and any other social media that exist actually.

As a social media designer, you can combine this job with social media marketer. This way you can provide full service to your clients, have lots of fun, and earn pretty good money.

What’s important about social media design, you need to know the sizes of post images for all of them. Also, you need to be able to find out what’s design type that will be suitable for the given platform users.

UI Designer

UI is the user interface, and UI designer is a person who focuses their design skills mostly on designing a user interface for applications.

In this work, collaboration with the client is pretty important, and the design of the UI can be done in two steps. First prototyping is more like creating the UI’s sketches, and the next is the actual design, which includes colors, fonts, effects.

UI design is very often used in mobile apps and web apps with developed user parts.

As a UI designer, you can co-operate with companies or with private clients on a freelance basis, and it doesn’t require being in the office.

UX Designer

UX designer takes care of user experience and works to provide the best possible way for them to use the application. The person in this position should know a little bit about users’ psychology, what colors make people do different actions. Also, the UX designer needs to know how to actually research and analyze the UX test results to improve the app’s design or behavior.

Good UX designers can count on a really lucrative salary, as by properly finding issues with the current design, they can help the company to grow their sales a lot. Sometimes it’s just the color of the button, but you need to know the way to find out that’s the issue.

This job for sure won’t get outdated and disappear and also can be done remotely.

Jobs for Video Editors

The meaning of video exploded in modern marketing, probably because it’s just easier to watch a short video instead of reading a long article. People have their smartphones with them, very often with access to the internet, even in the woods.

This is why there are a lot of jobs that actually grew in popularity lately. Let’s go through the video jobs, and let’s see if there’s anything you like.


The videographer is responsible for recording events and small video productions, like video ads, sponsored video reviews or youtube videos, or promo videos for the product, event, etc.

A videographer is a person who knows how to tell the story with the camera but also knows how to set up the tools like a camera, microphones, lights. It’s more like a one-man cameraman. But it’s very creative and fun work. Especially with all the great cameras, drones available on the market.

It’s a job where if you have a portfolio, which you can do by yourself, you can earn by doing video content for companies and private people, you can also earn on Youtube sharing the knowledge about the video.

It definitely can be done remotely and for sure won’t get forgotten. It’s the art.


Being a photographer doesn’t remove you from the game, especially in times when the image can do a lot. Let’s see Instagram, for example, with tons of images done by a photographer. The other option to earn is to do photos for real estate or product photos for online shops. The other possibility is to sell photos on the stock, which can be another source of income.

As a photographer you can work in different places, as you can use your awesome skills anywhere, it’s just important to have your camera with you.

This kind of job definitely gives you the option to work in flexible hours and won’t require you to stay on duty 40h a week.

Drone Operator

Probably you’ve already realized that drones are pretty important in photography and video nowadays. It made many movies, music clips, travel videos, and even real estate video presentations more interesting. Right now, many people want to add a video made by drones to their company presentation or promo video. And here it comes, a pretty new profession which definitely can be done as a freelance job, drone operator.

The only thing you need to start is a drone and some knowledge about the law because it’s not always allowed to fly drones in every city area.

This job would be one of the coolest, for sure!

Video Editor

As we know now, video is exploding, Youtube, video marketing, vlogging, travel videos, promo videos all need some editing. It never happens that we just shoot video, and it’s fine just like it is.

If you like to play with video using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro and you have an idea of how a good video would look like, how to tell an interesting, inspiring and exciting story with video, you can make a fortune freelancing.

But you can also cooperate with people who shoot lots of videos and just need a good video editor.

Jobs for Content Creators

Since social media popularity, blogs and Youtube started to explode, and people started to earn real money on a single post, video, or photo, content creation started to be an interesting niche for many young people to jump in trying to build their identity there.

Let’s take a look at some content creation jobs, and see if any of them is your preferred choice.


If you have any cool interests or live in a cool place that many tourists visit, or maybe you have some knowledge that you’d like to share? Blogging can be a pretty cool profession for you.

It gives a lot of freedom, but before you start earning your first money, it may take a while, to get traffic and grow your audience. But it really can be a job that you love and want to spend time creating awesome content that others want to see.

If you have a popular blog, you can earn on AdWords by selling advertising space, creating a sponsored content, or selling a product that your audience may need.

This job can be done from any place. It’s just important to make it good.


Being a Youtuber is also a popular way of creating content and earning money from that. This is pretty similar to blogging, just in the video way. You need to find a niche, which you’d like and which will be possible to monetize.

Also, YouTube allows earning money from ads by joining Youtube Partner Program. Here you can check how we did it and what we’ve learned.

If you have good quality content, Youtube algorithms will show it to your potential audience and help you grow your fan base. Then you can find many other ways to monetize your videos that just AdWords, like, for example, product placement or sponsored videos.

Online Courses Creator

Do you have any specific knowledge that you could share with people? If yes, you can create an online course, or maybe even more courses.

There are some ready platforms where you can post your courses, market them a little bit like Udemy or Skillshare, and start earning money. Here you can take a look at the best online learning platforms to start at the best point.

What’s pretty cool about online course creation is that you actually do a course once, and then you just promote it to have more sales.

Even if you don’t promote it, you can get some sales and earn money from the job done once. Of course, to increase your income, you can create lots of courses.

Ebook Writer

It’s similar to writing an ebook. Suppose you have a certain knowledge worth sharing with others and can bring people or businesses any benefit. Or maybe you just would like to tell an interesting, fun, thrilling story which can be good entertainment. In that case, it’s worth creating an ebook and start selling it, for example, on Amazon.

Like creating online courses, you can create the content once and earn money just by promoting it.

This can be a pretty nice side income, or it can become the everyday job if you decide to write more ebooks.


Being popular on social media or Youtube and having your audience gives you a huge power to influence people. And if you have those people who listen to you and with who you can share your thoughts and recommendations, you can become an influencer.

Influencers earn mostly on recommending products and services, helping companies promote to different audiences and refresh their image.

You can make people like some brands and hate others. It’s a really powerful marketing method that can bring you lots of money and freedom, doing fun and pleasant work.

Bonus: Online Business that will let you work remotely

Here is a bonus section about online business that you can start to work remotely and be your own boss. Many of the skills listed for the remote jobs would be pretty helpful in online business as well, so even if you learn them, you can use them in many different ways.

Let’s see which online businesses can help you to stay free, earn money and have fun.

Own Application

Do you have a brilliant idea on how to solve some problems with the online application? If yes, maybe you’ve just found your gold. If you don’t have the skills, you can hire a freelancer to create the app or learn the basics and create the MVP to test the concept.

If your application will work out and people will love it, you can become pretty rich, and you can grow this business to make it better and bigger.

Even if your app doesn’t get as big as Facebook, you can still earn some nice income on ads or subscriptions.

Also, having the app doesn’t link you to a certain place and lets you work when you want to.

E-Commerce with Digital Products

Remember about selling online courses?

There are many other digital resources like different templates, which you could sell online without all the shipping thing, which requires you to be in one place or hire people.

Selling digital products is easily scalable. You just sell more, and that’s it. You don’t have to care for the supply and sending the product because you can automate it.

And in this case, you can live wherever you’d love to.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is how you can actually sell real products through Amazon without actually having the worst part of it, like packing and sending packages to your clients. How come?

Amazon can do it for you. All you need to do is finding a proper product, order it from your supplier to Amazon warehouse and start the auction on Amazon.

If the product is sold, Amazon will send it in your name.

With a good product, you can earn well, and you don’t have to work a lot. It’s just about the research to find one or two products.

SaaS Product

Software as a service is mostly about selling access to the software in a subscription model. So you need to have an idea for software that solves someone’s problem and actually creates it, or pay someone to create it for you.

If you start selling subscriptions for your SaaS product, you don’t have anything which keeps you in one place. You can cooperate with different people in different parts of the world, and also, you can easily scale SaaS business.

In this case, marketing skills you be very useful, so you can do some marketing for your own product.

27 Freelance jobs of the future that will let you work remotely - Summary

In this article, I’ve gone through 27 jobs in 5 different categories that you can do as a freelancer and work remotely, earning a good life. As you could realize, it doesn’t matter if you are a more creative or more tech person, because for everyone there is something interesting.

The world is changing according to society, and society currently needs freedom. This is why many companies allow working remotely, especially that it really works, and people are more productive.

I hope you will find something interesting for you in this article.

Thank you for reading,
Anna from Duomly