The Best 9 Online Learning Platforms in 2021

The best 9 online learning platforms in 2021 intro

If you want to learn something, doing so online is a good idea. This is because if you think about it, everything is on the internet nowadays. Besides, you don’t get old textbooks or anything of that kind. In this age we count with very nice interactive and multimedia material!

But because everything is on the internet, there are many learning platforms available. Knowing which one is best could be a big challenge.

For that reason, in today’s article we will talk about 9 of the best online learning platforms out there.

Let’s start.


Let’s begin with one of the best programming learning platforms out there. It offers a broad range of subjects to learn about.

The offer courses:

HTML CSS, JavaScript, React JS, React Native, Python, Blockchain.

The courses are very interactive, easy to digest, and insightful. They count with a nice constant learning feedback loop. Which shows you a multiple-choice question after most definitions/explanations.

The organization of courses is always coherent and nice. It organizes them in career paths and in a comprehensive chart.

The platform promises to give you enough tools to be able to build projects on your own after a few courses. It also offers certificates, and there is a very neat dark mode available.

The platform offers several free courses and a pro upgrade that starts at $25/mo. or 240$ per year or once in a limited offer with unlimited access to the library and certificates.


Udemy is one of the biggest, well-known learning platforms to this day. Their library is over 130k courses, encompassing career and personal skills. Offered by top industry instructors.

In their main categories we got:

Design, (Web) Development, Marketing, IT and Software, Personal Development, Business, Photography, and Music.

You count with a search bar and featured sections where you will see courses as a product in a marketplace.

Each of them counts with a detailed description, a rating system, and the language offer.

There is also a course content section where you’ll see the main areas of the courses and estimated time. Plus, there are also requirements, reviews, and info about the instructor. And they got a mobile app.

About prices since this is a marketplace rather than a focused teaching platform. You must pay for every individual course, prices range and start at 15-20 Euro.

LinkedIn Learning

If you’ve been online for enough time, you’ve heard about LinkedIn already. Well, they also got a learning platform.

The platform offers courses from industry experts. It has over 16k course and learning paths.

Among the popular topics are:

Personal Effectiveness, Spreadsheets, Illustration, Personal Branding, Data Analysis, Drawing, Business Intelligence, etc.

Courses are video based, count with a preview video and a table of content. Each section has estimated times and transcripts.

Also, view count, general overview and some have exercise files/quizzes. Plus, they have a mobile app as well.

There are no free plans/courses available. They have a fixed plan of 39$/mo. It gives you full access to the library, certificates, and access to LinkedIn Premium.


Skillshare is one the most famous learning platforms out there. Offer by experienced industry people. Its main categories are: Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle.

The platform has a lot of focus on creative work so let me tell you about some of its categories:

Animation, Design, Illustration, Lifestyle, Photography and Film, Business (creative), Writing, etc.

But they count with everything else like:

Data science, Mobile/web development, Language, Culinary, etc.

The courses count with a welcome video, a table of content, and level of difficulty.

Each section with estimated times. You will also find the number of students, and projects available. Plus, comments and detailed descriptions. There is a nice rating system that includes an expectation met rubric on offer as well. And there are transcripts for each section, a mobile app, and offline watching.


Coursera is one the most corporate/university-based learning platform there is. It collaborates with over 200 of them, like Google, IBM, and Stanford. It provides industry-recognized credentials and a mobile app at your disposal.

The library consists of +5100 courses/specification, +40 certificates and +25 degrees.

Among the popular subjects are:

Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Language, etc.

Among the Online master/university degrees you got those based on:

IT, Business, Health, and other sectors. The offer is big, there are free courses and paid ones. One generalization is that those free courses charge a fee for the certificate.


Udacity is a learning platform focused on digital skills of all sorts.

Its categories named “schools”, and these are currently available:

Data Science, Programming, Business, AI, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity.

Courses have a syllabus, estimated times, prerequisites, detailed descriptions, full list of offerings.

Also, there is a list of instructors with their info, reviews, and ratings, and 247 questions to mentors. There are free trials available, but prices will depend per course. It seems that most of the “top ones” start from 399$/mo. with discounts, if paid once per semester, say nearing $200/mo.


Edx is a not-for-profit organization only partnered with universities. It includes over 150 of them, such as MIT and Harvard.

It uses cognitive science learning techniques and has 24 distinct learning features. Which includes videos, graphs, interactive segments, quizzes, etc.

Its library consists of over 2800 courses, and those in the top courses have to do with:

Computer Sciences, Business, Data Science, Engineering, Design, Humanities, Language.

Each course will have an overview, detailed info, avg effort/time spent. There is also, info about the instructor, and endorsements. There is no rating system available.

There are some caveats though. Some programs are not full if not behind a paywall, and others are full, but the certificate is not.


Thinkific, like Teachable, is famous for being a course creation platform. But they both also offer courses.

But this platform is different since you won’t find courses like in a marketplace on it. Creators will create them and post them by their own.

Stating which are the most popular courses/subjects is difficult for one main reason. Because there is no platform to compare them. But what we can tell you is what to expect.

Based on best practices, you will a few things. Which includes at least an overview, a detailed description, requisites, estimated time.

Talking about prices won’t be possible either for the same reasons. And, because each course will have its own.


Teachable is a well know online learning platform. Between the courses you can take, you will find those related to:

Marketing, Productivity, Course Creation, Writing, Business. Also, Art, Language, Tech and Programing, Health and Fitness.

In each course, you will find a description, downloadable materials (videos included).

There is also a list of content with estimated time, structure info, and exercise sheets.

Plus, you also got a section of FAQ per course and unfortunately, a rating system is missing. On prices, there are free and paid plans, that could range from $100-200 or reach +$1000.

Conclusion of The Best 9 Online Learning Platforms in 2021.

Online learning has never been this accessible and varied. Regardless of your interests if you are committed to gain knowledge all doors are open. Whether you decide to take free short courses or pay for an online university degree, there is a ton to make the most of.

With some research and reflection, we’re certain you’ll find what suits you best.

Thanks for reading this article, we expect to have been educating and useful. To our fellow learners out there, we wish you all the best of lucks.