9 of the Best Virtual Assistant Services

9 of the best virtual assistant services intro

Life gets busy, we all know that. Whether it is at work, some traffic jam, or family/friends related, it seems that time is always short. For some people, not having a lot of time available won’t be a huge problem.

But, if you’re thinking of taking on new projects of any kind, like a virtual business, you got to find ways to free up your hands.

Virtual assistants will do that, and in this article, we will tell you about 9 of the best services out there.

Let’s begin.


Fiverr is one of the most popular assistance platforms out there. For a given amount of money, you can get someone to do pretty much everything. Want some help designing your webpage? how about some programmer working on your course? Are you thinking of a writer or a video editor? Want someone to help your kid with homework or a friend to play games with? It has it all!

What is great about the site is that the offer is huge, not just what you can get, but how, and how often. For example, you can pay for a special service that comes with fast delivery or better quality. Besides, the platform counts with a review system, so you’ll know what you’re putting your money into.

People Per Hour

This platform works like Fivver, you can hire people for tons of reasons. It has 3 million rated expert freelancers with over 8000 skills covered. And 90% of tasks get done in 7 days or less. Besides it has24/7 customer service and put more of its company backing than Fiverr.

You can buy packages that are ready-prepared and have a fixed price. For example, a WordPress website with several adjectives for 100 USD to be delivered in 5 days. It has fewer categories available and is more focused on content creation, for example, among the most popular categories you get:

Content Writing, SEO, Website Dev, Logos, Illustration, Social Media, etc. One difference with Fiverr is that you don’t have to navigate through the platform to find your assistant. You can post your project ideas and let them come to you! You can review proposals with their pricing in one place, communicate with them and select them. To start hiring, you pay a deposit to them, which is protected by the platform, and that’s it!

What is even cooler is that you don’t have to wait for them to find you. They count with an Ai that will do the bridging between your next VA and you easy.


This platform works only as one of the options from People Per Hour. You can only post your project and let freelancers contact you. You count with the same options to check their cv, portfolio, proposals, secure payment, AI, etc.

From a quick look, it seems more focused on website/app development and graphic design. But has over 1800 different categories, so you should find what you need here as well.

Something remarkable is that it has over 50M freelancers, isn’t that amazing!?


Belay is more specialized, you got virtual assistants, bookkeepers, web specialists, and social media strategists. The process is also more tailored made. You sign up to the platform, talk with an internal consultant, and after some time you get your assistant.

They are all US residents with experience, almost all got a college degree, and work remotely. Plus they go through a rigid process selection. And they are charged not only to free up your time but to came up with ideas and provide results.

Among some of the things that a VA will do are: Emailing, coordination, scheduling and organizing schedule, and content, etc. They work a 9-5 shift from Mon-Friday and to hire them you got to pay a flat fixed amount.


Similar to Belay, this platform is focused and tailor-made and has all the backing of the company.

They got VAs for administration, sales, service and support, and marketing. And they can do pretty much everything, say video editing, customer service, recruiting, etc.

The main idea that they sell is this notion of “doubling up “your business for half the price or less from a full-time normal employee. So, it may not be for smaller users.

They also count with a rigid hiring process that looks at experience, personality, background, education, etc.

Also based in the US, its entry plans consist of almost $2k per month and come with way more things that we can talk about here.


Following the same trend of the last two, Vasumo offers something similar. It says that it significantly reduces the fees that the agency pays, without compromising quality.

People working here go through 3 months of training with over 300 tasks taken and have 16 certifications. They are all Americans and have at least 3 years of experience.

They do things related to website design, funnels and landing pages, marketing, video audio editing. Also, social media, graphic design, research and data, lead generation. And random tasks!

Its entry plan costs $498 /mo. with 25 hours per month limited.

Fancy Hands

Similarly, they are based in the US, and they will do tons of things. Scheduling, texting, research, purchases. Plus, reports, target list, contact info finding, data entry, research, calls, schedules, and concierge.

They are also trained and a specialty is that there are no contracts, no minimums, and it is confidential.

The price system is based on requests. So for example, its entry-level plan costs $17.99 /mo. and comes with 3 requests. You get the idea for the rests.


Another similar platform. They do inbox management, calendaring, expense/invoices, social media research, data entry. Plus, Content making, planning, website maintenance, scheduling, etc.

They are college-educated, count administrative experience, and receive training. To hire them you follow a similar process than with some others here. First, you sign up, then you talk with someone from Zirtual. Then that person connects you with your new VA and bum!

Something particular is that works on a month-to-month contract basis, and promises 2 hours max response time with the task done or a competition estimation. Its entry-level plan costs $449/mo. is restricted for 1 user and is limited to 12 hours of task work per month.


My tasker is one of the most outsourcing-based platforms here. You can get research, writing, website design, and development done. Plus, the people working there will do any administrative tasks.

Something particular about this site is the type of hiring modes. You can hire based on the number of hours, for example, the entry-level plan gives you 10 hours of work per month for $140 /mo.

But they also have the option to pay for full-time work for $1200/mo. And they will be available 5 days a week during business hours. Besides, they count with a special “pay as you go” plan. For $18 per hour, you can hire people and repeat as much as you see fit.

Conclusion Of 9 Of The Best Virtual Assistant Services

The offer for Virtual Assistants is, as you saw, huge! There are flexible plans, some platforms are very business-focused, while others have rigid training processes. Some are very flexible in plans and structure but very varied like Fiverr. And the list goes on and on.

Such variety is, in our eyes, pure richness, and we believe by mentioning this 9 you will find what you’re looking for. Perhaps even get more than what you were expecting.

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Thanks for reading this article, we expect it to have been useful.