How Blogging Makes Money

How Blogging Makes Money Intro

In the online world, there are many ways to get paid. One of the most common ones seems to be by blogging. Though creating content is relatively easy, making money is a different story. This is not to say that it is impossible, in fact, there are many ways to do so, some of which we will talk about here. The point is to underline that there is much more to it than only content, knowing about these methods will illustrate that for you.

In this article, we will talk about making money by writing in blogs. We will talk about 6 main ways and lastly, make a brief conclusion.

Make Money By Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are straightforward, they are posts that you get paid for making by sponsors. The logic from them to give you money is to reach your audience in a way that companies struggle at doing. This is because often any content they post is seen as an advertisement. You are tasked to make a rather informational review of the given company/product. What matters is that you get paid by posting it, not how many people buy it or click on it (that’s another method). Such an amount that you get really varies, anything from $50 to 50k!

Now let me tell you about how to get sponsors. First, make sure to stand out with great quality content. Then, get your sponsor page and media kit set up (make sure to make the pitch and add info like traffic as well as about your site). Also, reach out to companies that you would like to collab with without hesitation! Believe that your collaboration has great value for both parties. Lastly, check your competition’s sponsors and what is popping their pages if they use Google AdSense to get ideas.

Lastly, do not worry about how big your audience may be, this method works well for niches. And do not forget to be selective (i.e., choosing companies that align with your companies view) and transparent (always mention the sponsor).

Make Money By Ads On Blog

Online ads may be a little annoying, but there is value in them, especially for starters. In fact, they are the easiest and fastest way to get you started making money blogging.

One of the magic of it is that you can select where these ads will show up, (in WordPress you even got plugins to do A/B testing). So the visuals wont’ get that affected.

Most bloggers will use Google AdSense because it is frankly the best option. Once you get comfortable with it and it makes you a solid amount, you could use alternatives to diversify a bit. One of them could be or Amazon Native shopping ads.

On Google AdSense works simply. After you sign up for it, you set up the spaces where you want to have the ads and then you get paid the highest amount possible. This is because there is competition( an auction) between advertisers to have that space. And Google tries to match your audience, content/traffic, and companies so that all get the most out of it.

There are a few noteworthy points. First, revenues vary a great lot, but there is a revenue calculator available on Google’s site. Second, you cannot decide which ads get posted. And thirdly and most importantly, there are mandatory program policies you must follow. They include guidelines for landing pages, traffic, and others. As well as steps related to avoiding engaging in deceptive or artificial manipulation of impressions or clicks.

Lastly, bear in mind that in this method what mostly matters is traffic, you will get ads whatever you post. Of course, that there are contents that appeal to higher-value adds but technically if you have a big audience, it will be good enough.

Build An Email List

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways out there. Most people use it when they already sell a product to get more conversion. However, if your thing is blogging, do not worry because it can help you as well.

Many say that an email list is crucial in any blogging site, and rightly so. One of the main appeals is that you can use them quite flexibly and get a certain private feel that many like. Besides, there are so many different options to choose from and ways to use them.

You can use the list to inform you there is something new up on your side. Or make weekly or monthly roundups or collections of bests pieces.

But you may be thinking: “ok, but how do I make money?” Well, sending emails alone won’t do it by itself. But it can increase your traffic and standing so that you get a boost on the 2 previous methods. Or you can sell your products, ask for donations, or use other methods like the ones that follow now.

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

This method gets you money based on how many visitors or purchases you manage to get the company that you collab with.

Think of yourself as the intermediary between the merchant, and the consumer. For that job, you get a commission that varies significantly.

This one is different from the other two because the sponsored posts have a fixed value, while Google AdSense is about the auction for space on your site. To use affiliate marketing properly, you stick to the same logic: good content, great traffic, and using as many tools as possible.

Lastly, I would like to mention affiliate networks because they are promising. They basically serve as a platform to choose from many merchants. They could be true time savers and get you great deals. Of course, there is a commission that they charge you, but options are plenty and you could find serious deals.

Create eBooks

eBooks can be used in two main ways, as an advertisement or as a product in sale. To use it to promote your site, you can make it show your professionalism and the best you got in a new format. Or give it as a reward for enlisting in your email list. Couple them with the previous monetization methods and you got a great business deal.

Even better, if you are in a good position, you can sell them! This is hugely important, because before we were talking of commissions and deals for others. Here, you can take the most value and build your brand in serious ways. You might say, “Well, but aren’t there extra costs for writing and publishing”. The short answer is not necessarily. There are free tools/forums out there that help you from the very beginning. However, even if you decide to pay for everything, the potential of revenue is incomparable with the other methods we’ve talked about before.

Regardless of your decision on how to use them as part of your business, bear these things in mind. The options on the web are huge, from complex premium services to free easy-to-use template-based ones. And the main things to think about are content, design, editing tools, and have it in multiple formats.

Make Money From Online Courses

This option can also be used in those 2 both ways but let us focus on it as a product you ask a price for. It is like an eBook in the sense that you are in control, got many options, and get you huge value. The main difference is the format that you present the content, a format that some might find very attractive.

For example, you can do more than giving your audience a bunch of paragraphs. We are talking about interactive experiences, multimedia integration, progress tracking, and way more.

What is even better, is that while it may seem a bit difficult to adapt your usual content to this format, it isn’t by definition. Again, you are in control, so it could be as simple as migrating to eBooks if you want.

Conclusion Of How Blogging Makes Money

As we’ve discussed, there are many ways to make money by blogging. Some include selling stuff of others, while others are about your content. In some, you got control (including prices) and in others, you don’t. All of them have their pros and cons. But fortunately, all compatible with one another. Meaning, you could literally use all these methods (and others) at once!

At the end of the day, the main factors that matter are almost equal regardless of the models chosen. Those are quality content, good traffic, and a solid engagement with your audience. If you manage to get that, the myriad of options at your disposal will crystalize in profitable ways.

Thanks for reading this article, we expect it has been very useful and encouraged you to pursue your goals.