How to Repurpose Content?

Intro on how to repurpose content

There is a point where you find yourself taking a different approach as a content creator. The reasons are varied and the paths to take so too.

Repurposing content is one of the most famous strategies due to a couple of reasons. They mostly have to do with the fact that you can use previous creations as the main source of this change.

This is very important considering that you put tons of effort into them and don’t want to see them go to waste.

So, in today’s article, we will tell you how to repurpose your content. Your previous content will be a script or main source of conversion. We will escape the platform selection and aspects related to marketing.

As well as and the ins-and-outs of these different formats. The reason being that this article is about content, and always writing space is a limitation.

If you are interested in knowing more details of each section make sure to check our other articles.

Use Blog Posts as Scripts For Your Videos

Often bloggers find themselves in a dilemma when trying to make videos. For many, it seems too alien, and transforming their content feels overwhelming. It need not be the case!

One very smart way to use your blogs is as scripts, both for the speech and visuals. By the latter I mean to keep the blog’s structure (e.g., subsections) and points of emphasis (e.g., showing them in the video).

It will be simple, literally, just read what you got in the blog while recording yourself and you’re done.

Now, of course, that doing only this won’t complete the video. Another thing to consider, before recording, is the format of the video. For example, bloggers like to make video essays and use stock pictures.

This is because they are convenient and familiar. However, once you smartly use your blog for your video creation in this way, you are almost there.

Convert Blog Posts to Presentations

Turning your blog into a presentation may sound easier, but not necessarily. While you’ll be also writing a bit, you cannot add all the content in the ppt nor read everything always.

When you make a presentation there will be more content selection and memorization. But fear not! If you’ve been writing for a while, you’ll quite proficient in selecting content by now. And if you’re used to using bullet points, then it will be pretty easy.

Memorizing would then be your most likely challenge. But again, by reaching adult age we gain experience at it one way or another. So, it won’t be that bad. Lastly, one thing that bloggers like (except for the artistically-inclined) is its simplicity.

Multimedia is seldom used, and visuals are straightforward and minimalist. No need to spend hours deciding what picture/clip to add or stuff alike.

Convert Videos to Podcasts

If you already record videos, then speaking to a mic and listening to yourself is not a problem. This is a considerable advantage compared with bloggers.

Second, while podcasts are informal and more fluid, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use scripts! Or if you prefer, you can have a document with the main points of the video with you, so you’ll keep the structure intact.

Besides, podcasts are more flexible and have great potential to diversify content. For example, maybe in the middle of it, someone comes out with a topic that you didn’t consider before.

That would be amazing! Don’t stress and let your knowledge and personality speak for themselves.

Convert Videos to Online Courses

If you liked video-making because it is flexible, you’ll be glad to know online courses are even more of that!

As I see it, you can keep the structure(script) just fine but keeping the videos will depend. You got to keep in mind that online courses are presentations with more learning. So, if you make video essays then you’ll have to take time transforming them to presentation style.

Maybe, in this case, it will be better not to make another video and work only with the script and put it in the course in text. On the other hand, those that make informative videos can use them without changing them, saving time as a result.

Once you got the content ready you can opt for two paths. One is to pretty much leave it like that and launch it, so the course consists of video presentations. Which is fine for some, especially those with a strong audience.

But, if you want to be more detailed and follow common best practices, then there is more work to do. You will have to add sections where people at least can select options and test their knowledge.

Convert Blog Articles to eBooks

Inarguably, bloggers will find eBooks as the most favorite format for conversion. This is because all the logics and practices stay the same.

One may go as far as to suggest copy-pasting the articles into a large document and launch it will do. One may go as far as to suggest copy-pasting the articles into a large document and launch it will do.

Of course, that going that far is not ideal. You got to make sure these articles connect well and share a common topic. But, in most respects indeed that suggestion is very accurate.

There isn’t much work to do, you’ll be in your natural environment doing what you do best, writing.

Convert Videos to Short Social Media Videos

Social media clips are a bit tricky, making them will depend on your content type. If your content is rather entertainment-based, you can cut attractive clips and unite them in one and post it.

But if you’re informative, doing so is not going to make much sense in most cases. Entertainers can do this because understanding the clips don’t need context too much. Often a few seconds will do.

But, informers need time to at least explain the context and why is it attractive/important. That also means that they cannot make clips by picking random sections and put them together in one. However, there are ways to make clips for social media.

One option is highlighting your visuals (if they are attractive of course). Another is to cut the video into pieces and post them separately. So, if for example, you made a 15-minute video with 5 subjections of 3 minutes, then you will get 5 videos of 3 min each.

Another is to make the clip from scratch, as an outline/abstract, meaning introducing and highlighting main aspects.

Convert Blog Posts to Infographics

In some sense, you’ll do something similar as with the presentations. But way more visual and elaborate. And of course, without memorizing and the actual live presentation!

Content selection and short texts will be there, but given that there is no presentation, texts will be longer.

This may sound fine but remember that the idea is to explain as clearly and with as few words as possible. So, the work to do is finding the balance.

Additionally, infographics are all about visual communication. Meaning you’ll spend time selecting all visual components and getting it all smooth. However, that time spent will be recovered since there is nothing else to do after finishing.

As with blogs, they will be there for people to read. And very importantly, they will attract more people since they are accessible!

Conclusion of How to Repurpose Content

As you can tell, converting your content varies in approaches and difficulty. For example, blog to video is very easy.

While video to short social media clips needs extra considerations. But there are many similitudes, you will keep the structure and script in most cases. And even the “toughest” approach will be relatively easy.

At the end of the day, content matters and you already have it in your hands. It is a matter of “tweaking” it so to say.

With this article, we expect to have given you a good overview and guidelines of what to look for in these different cases.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we hope it has been very useful.

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