How to Create Cryptocurrency With Proof of Authority

Short “Own cryptocurrency with POA” course info

In the current course, we will have a few lessons with content about the geth network.

Our content is divided for 5(with introduction) lessons, and all from lessons have few slides where you can learn how to create your cryptocurrency with Proof of Authority, will be good if you will do course step by step how the author added it to Duomly.


You don’t need programming skills to finish my course, but of course is better if you have to understand the content better and use it in future.

For sure would be good if you have skills about using git, terminal, your operating system on an at least basic level but if you don’t know something, always you can use Google or ask.

What you will learn in Own cryptocurrency with POA course

Here is a short list of lessons and you can check the small overview of them:

1.Course overview and introduction

It’s just course introduction (current lesson)

2.Configure the environment

Here you will get a better overview of tools and technologies which we will use, what they are and how to install them.

3.Create structure and accounts

In this part, of course, you will see how our course structure will look and how to create first geth accounts for your network.

4.Initialise blockchain

In this section you will learn how to create genesis file and configure it, you will learn how to initialize your nodes and bootnode as well.

5. Start our blockchain

This lesson will show you how to start all nodes, how to start the main bootnode and will let you test network with first commands.