6 Steps on How to Make a Successful YouTube Video

6 steps on how to make a successful YouTube video intro

Everyone online knows that YouTube is a very important platform on the web. Be it because they see that there is information about everything or because people make money from it. Everyone understands that there is plenty to like and get from it.

The step that follows this realization is to decide to make a video. And while everyone can record one, not everyone can make a successful great video. The distinction is on the level of knowledge and preparation, and today we will tell you about it.

In today’s article, we will talk about 6 steps to have successful YouTube video recording sessions.

Let’s start.

Take Care About the Audio

I know what you are thinking, “audio for a video-based platform?” Yes! It is so overlooked and important that we decided to mention it first. Even if you have the best camera, scene, and subject, bad audio quality can spoil the video at the end. And, it is clear that impressions and mistakes are crucial in the site.

Another reason to consider having good audio is remembering that not everyone watches videos. Life gets busy, and people try to use their time as effectively as possible. Which sometimes means only listening to content that one likes. You definitely don’t want to lose this type of audience by making mistakes. Now, there is no fixed exact way to have good audio quality. Of course, you will need a decent microphone, but the specifications will vary. Some things to consider after buying one are how many people will be speaking, indoor vs outdoors, music vs speech, etc.

Lastly, make sure to get everything ready and tested before recording! Omitting it happens to the best of us sometimes. Do this and you will save yourself time and some silly moments.

Set a Nice Scene

As for the visuals, you got to make sure to have a nice place to record. Again, even if your content or subjects are top quality, the scene needs work. What is great is that you don’t need a duplex or fancy studio, a few little changes will do. Literally, just ordering things up and doing some tidying up work wonders.

Ideally, you should use things that relate to your content. Say a figurine, batch, etc. Other ideas are to showcase some books or personal loved objects. This is because they will speak about yourself and give a nice impression. Other ideas are to use some casual objects that look good. A drawing, lamp, sign, etc. Mostly everything will do as far as it is good looking.

Train and Don’t Stress With the Camera

We know how it is, since you will be showing your face on camera, there are reasons to stress. But, if you spent time getting familiar with the camera and practice a bit here and there, you will be fine.

This point is very important because, as with everything in life, practice makes perfect. And this even applies to appearing on camera. And that is a fact. One major recommendation is to record yourself and get used to looking at yourself in that situation. Then get more detailed, practice a few lines and hypothetical scenarios, it is about stepping up the practice. Also, do some vocalization beforehand and get those difficult to pronounce words right. Every step you make will get you more and more familiar with the camera and everything will get easier.

One more thing, do not obsess with the quality of the camera. We have said before that most people can use their phones just fine. There are many reasons and things to know about it, but the most important one is this: Focus on your performance, not on the camera.

Always Write a Script

Even if you practice a lot and get very used to the camera, that does not mean your content is solved. You also have to practice what you are going to say.

Before doing that, you, of course, need a good script. Please, do not see them as cheating devices or unnecessary help. Everyone uses them (really) and instead of being “illegitimate”, they help you in many ways. Crucially, by using them, you will know well what you are going to say and if you’re losing your train of thought. Or if the discussion is deviating from the intended plan, you will use it to stick to the plan and make sense. Following it comes before excellent quality. But, scripts do not have to be hugely elaborated. Since you will be seeing it, you can use your own language and codes. It is about getting the crucial points there and practicing.

And also, give yourself some space for maneuver. Often valuable content comes with a certain level of improvisation, keep that in mind.

Learn at Least the Basics of Editing

With your video already recorded, it is time to get to the editing. Trust us here, it can be even fun if you got to know the basics. And fortunately for everyone, editing is quite easy and fast to learn. Of course, we are talking about the basics.

By the basics, we mean knowing how to set up scenes, create titles, edit the video, add charts/images and transitions, etc.

Knowing this will make your videos more likable and once you get that idea, you will start seeing things differently. For example, even before you record, you may say to yourself “hey, what if I do this in x way? that would be great for the editing”!

Even if you don’t get those enlightening sparks, you will know how to record in a way that makes editing faster and enjoyable. That for us, coupled with the boost in quality, is more than enough.

One last thing, in this day and age, this kind of skills are very important. So, by learning it for your videos you will be helping yourself broadly speaking for the future.

Tone the Mood By Adding Music

A very useful thing to do before posting your video is to add some nice music. We often think of it as only good at the beginning or end of the video. But it is recommended to have some low-volume tunes to mold the environment nicely. It is also very much recommended to play a bit with the music. Perhaps, add different styles and vibes across the video. Get creative!

And also, you can use some songs you like, and people will get to know about you more.

Regardless of where you decide to see it, music has an important place in any video.

Conclusion of How to Make Successful YouTube Video

Making videos on YouTube is about more than pure content. Knowing what steps to make in order to have smooth, sound, and excellent recording sessions is imperative. Little changes will have massive impacts, and we are certain, this information will only maximize them further.

Thanks for reading this article, we expect it to be useful for you. As always, stay tuned for more.