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13 easy ideas how to make money with programming without big effort

Intro Would you like to know how to make money with programming? Programming is not for everybody but can be very profitable for those who decide to go into the coding world.  Most of us know programmers have a good salary because a lot of huge companies need our knowledge and skills.  Anyway, it’s only one point in the ocean of methods how programmers can make money, very often much bigger money than just regular salary.

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Which type of courses will be the best to learn programming?

A few days ago, I saw a question on the forum, asked by a user who would like to start learning programming. He was asking about a programming course for beginners, which will be the best for him to start. Also, he asked about one interesting thing which I never paid attention to, which will be a better type of course, video course or interactive course with coding challenges, as he is a beginner and he doesn’t know where to start actually.

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Women in programming

IT is still considered a place for men, and for some reason, there isn’t a lot of women who consider entering this sector. Maybe because they have some concerns about participating in this men dominated world. Women can be afraid of discrimination, loneliness, not getting any support from the team, or being treated as team decoration. Another thing that doesn’t encourage women to join the tech world as a tech employee is that software engineering is shown in the world like something complicated.

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Brain boosting foods, which help you to learn programming

Learning is a long process of getting new knowledge, and it’s not always going as easy as we would like to. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember something or understand, and then we start to look for something to improve our ability to remember things and boost our brain. It’s not necessary to look in the pharmacy, because we can find a lot of natural brain boosters in grocery.

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What skills you need to be a good developer?

Every profession has special requirements; for example, to be a doctor, you have to know biology, finish medical university, but besides the hard skills, as a doctor, you have to be emphatic. As a teacher, you need to have qualifications to work with kids, but you also have to be caring. The same is when you decide to become a programmer, besides the main technology you’ve learned there are some common hard and soft skills every developer should have.

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Which programming language should I learn for remote job?

I recently noticed, remote working is a very interesting subject for many people. This makes me think, most of us would like to get a job, with the possibility of working from home, and have an option, to choose if you prefer to go to the office and meet people, or if you prefer to stay at home to work from your own desk. Of course, it’s not possible in every profession; for example, for a doctor who has planned surgery, it can be hard to do it remotely, but for many office workers, it is easily possible.

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What is React.js and why it’s worth to learn?

Deciding to change your career and get into a tech market as a coding specialist is the first step to a great adventure that you start now. After some research, you decided to build websites and web apps, it seems easy for beginners and very in demand, so that’s the thing you want to jump in. You already know that HTML and CSS are the total basics you have to learn, later Javascript is in the queue of the skills to get.

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How one career decision can change your life: Sara’s story

In social media and blogs, we can see lots of different stories when people leave their current life and start from the beginning, they change the place, change careers, change jobs. As a side observer, it seems great, because there is nothing better than people who do everything to be happy. But in real life, most of us probably don’t know anyone who would leave everything just like this, because we have contracts, bills to pay, a stable situation.

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How to learn programming faster – 10 tips and tricks

If you decided you want to be a programmer, you have to remember that it means you are going to learn constantly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started, or if you have an experience, there will be something new, you want to master. Of course, at the beginning of your programming adventure, you have much more to learn. In the beginning, everything may seem very exciting. After you gathered all the sources, courses, books, and all you need, it may seem like you are going to study for ages to complete everything and reach your goal.

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How to code – learn step by step how to become a programmer with Duomly

Hello everyone, we came up with an idea to show you step by step what to do to become a developer. For this, we created a YouTube channel called *How to code with Duomly.* Every week we publish a new episode preparing you to be a programmer. In every episode, we describe a different topic, like tools, software, programming languages, etc. For more information check out our first video!

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