React Native Project Ideas

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Intro to React Native project ideas

A few months ago, we realized that what people who study programming as self-learners miss are ideas for projects that can be built to practice your skills and build a portfolio.

Taking into consideration that practicing is really important to really learn programming and new frameworks, we decided to start a series where we provide a few ideas for each frontend technology. On our blog, you can already find such articles like:

There are still technologies and programming languages that we don’t have, and today I decided to continue in this series and create a list with React Native project ideas for future mobile developers.

Even if you already did a few projects in ReactJS and just started with mobile development using React Native, it’s good to create a few applications to understand the native components and mobile apps’ behavior. Also, if you decide to publish your project, you can earn some additional money and learn how to put mobile projects to App Store and Google Play.

As always, I’ve prepared for you a video with the list of projects, so, if you prefer to watch instead of reading, feel free to join our Youtube channel:

Let’s take a look at the projects!

React Native projects

1. Time tracking app

Those days, everyone wants to be more productive and actually know what their time is passing. That’s why mobile applications helping to track our time can be a good idea and can also be used by you in different life situations.

You can also think about customizing it, for example, only for freelancers!

What features you should add to your time tracking application?

  • time tracking form to add category, label, and start tracking time
  • list of entries
  • summary with an overview on what user spends most of the time

By creating this type of application, you can learn how to count time, save data and display a list using native components.

2. Notes app

Do you make notes on every piece of paper you can find on your desk? If yes, maybe it’s the idea to create an app where you will have your notes and will be able to search through them or add categories to your notes?

Building a mobile notes app can be a nice experience, and what’s even better, you can adjust this kind of application for your needs, and for example, create the template for different types of notes you are using.

What features you should add to your notes application?

  • form for adding a new note and saving it
  • categories
  • templates
  • listing of notes

As before, here you can practice using native components and navigation.

3. Calculator

The next idea for your React Native training application is building a calculator. And in this case, you have a choice because you can select among different calculators, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel by creating another application that can do 2 + 2.

Here, you should go creative, but I’ll provide you a few examples of calculators I’d create: donut calculator - you can create a calculator that will tell you how many donuts you can eat with the number of calories you spent on training Christmas calculator - this one can tell you how many days are there until Christmas currency calculator - put one currency to see how much of the other one you can get

Or any other calculator that will come to your mind.

The most important features are that you have input and output, which is returned based on different conditions or calculations.

4. Fashion e-commerce

Online sales became very popular in the last few months; that’s why practicing React Native by creating mobile e-commerce applications can be a great way to get experience with projects that you may actually work on in the future for your clients or in the company.

What features you should add to your e-commerce application?

  • displaying a list of products
  • displaying single product
  • buy option
  • cart view
  • payment

This seems a little bit bigger application, that’s why you will have a chance to get more knowledge when building it.

If you’d like to buy a ready code, take a look here: E-commerce app

5. Medical App

Considering that lately also visiting doctor goes online, this is another type of mobile application that can go hot in the next few months. Suppose you’d decide to develop a medical application. In that case, you could go even farther and attach there chat and video conference functionality, which would make your app really cool and give you knowledge about very modern subjects.

What features you should add to your medical application?

  • listing of doctors
  • booking a visit
  • online visit
  • filtering
  • searching

If you don’t have any idea for the designs, remember that you can always get some ready one, or buy one like this: Medical App Designs

6. Food ordering app

Do you know the most popular apps for ordering your favorite food?

I bet you know, because everyone at least once used them, to get a nice, tasty meal, to your doors.

Ordering food apps is always something useful, and it also gives you as a developer the possibility to make it easy and work exactly as you wish. Besides that, you have the opportunity to take a look at the other side of the apps like this and to see it from the restaurant or delivery guy’s perspective.

What features should you add to your food ordering application?

  • listing of restaurant’s offers
  • possibility of ordering
  • possibility of tracking the order
  • notifications for restaurant users
  • notifications for delivery users

So, how does that sounds to you?

If you don’t have the design skills, here you can buy the designs: Food Delivery App Designs

If you’d like to get the ready application, you can buy here: Food Delivery App

7. Taxi app

Getting a lift is now not a difficult task at all. You just need your mobile, and you can order the driver that will take you from one place to the other, and money will be just taken from your card. As simple as that!

Today, not only popular startups like Uber are using this kind of applications, also taxi companies want such a comfortable solution for their clients, that’s why taxi apps are really common in development.

And also, that’s my idea for another training project for you.

What features you should add to your taxi application?

  • ordering taxi by your location or address
  • tracking the driver
  • accepting the ride by a taxi driver
  • calculating payment
  • reviews

If you need the designs for your app, you can buy it here: Taxi Mobile App

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8. Fitness app

Fitness is so common lately. Fitness clubs are full, and most people love to do training. So, the next app I’d like you to build for training is a fitness application.

What features you should add to your fitness application?

  • listing of training
  • list of exercises in every training
  • possibility to play videos with exercise
  • counting training time
  • tracking progress

If you’d like to buy the designs for the fitness app, take a look here: Fitness Mobile App Designs, or Fitness Mobile App Designs Two

If you’d like to buy the ready code, take a look here: Fitness Mobile App or here Fitness Mobile App with Backend

9. Dating App

Meeting new people online is very popular right now, and those kind of applications have lots of users. Would you like to try building one like this as well?

What features you should add to your dating application?

  • listing of users
  • user system
  • user details
  • messages

If you don’t have the idea for the screens designs, you can buy the ready ones, like this: Dating App Designs

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React Native project ideas summary

Getting the appropriate amount of experience is very important. It will help you understand how framework works, what issues you can see when implementing certain features, and some solutions’ pros and cons.

That’s why I prepared for you the list of apps that you can create for training, getting experience, and building your own portfolio. You’d be much more trustable if you can show some of your apps while applying for a job or getting clients as a freelancer.

I think you should also try at least once with the process of placing your application in Google Play or App Store, as this can be another valuable experience for your future career! And also, maybe one of the apps will be liked by people, and you could earn some additional money.

If you’d like to take a deeper look into React Native theory, take a look at our React Native Course at Duomly.

Good luck and thank you for reading,
Anna from Duomly