Top 7 EBook Creating Tools

Top 7 eBook creating tools intro

eBooks are great sources for content creation for a couple of reasons. First, they are versatile, compact, and elaborated. Second, those content creators used to write adapt to this format very rapidly. Third, they work as a space to showcase the best of your content. Other reasons are plenty, many people as we speak already know it and that’s why we see so many eBooks nowadays.

In today’s article, we will tell you about 7 clever ways to start creating them by mentioning 7 great tools.

Let’s begin.


Canva is a well-known online platform that lets you create a ton of designs for formats of any kind. Regarding eBooks, it is focused on quality designs. Canva counts with drag and drop tools and templates for covers (front and back) and the inside of the book as well.

Among its wide offer there are:

  • 27 categories of book cover templates with over 5 options each: that could be browsed by color and language.
  • As for photos, there are over 30 tags with at least a dozen options for each, accounting to millions of options! (without kidding).
  • In its elements section, you get everything you can think of, lines, forms, stickers, and way more.
  • Regarding audio options, Canva counts with free availability of 8 categories with a handful of options for each one.
  • As for video categories, there are 19 in total with a handful of free options available for each.
  • It comes with many free background styles, blank colors, icons, stock images, and more.

Besides, you can access its content creation system without an account to see and use everything. Plus, Canva also lets you upload photos, videos, and audio. And publishing is a piece of cake, the format you get is PNG or JPG. All of this totally for free and there is a pro plan that costs $10/mo. if billed annually if you feel like needing more.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages

Let’s talk of the most famous word processors we can think of. As you’re well aware these 3 are quite different from Canva since Canva is focused solely on design. They offer you a writing editor as well as a much simpler design creator. As you know, Word and Docs are not very comprehensive when it comes to design, though their features have been improving. We could say that Pages is a little bit ahead of these 2 when it comes to design, but significantly below pages like Canvas.

But please do not misinterpret that fact, indeed these 3 are very useful tools, even for design. Though limited, many creators could simply get overwhelmed with so many options of other sites like Canvas. These 3 offer them a much concise number of decent options and thus more time to dedicate to writing! Besides, we know for a fact that the design is more often than not secondary. With only a few selections using any of these 3, you can have a workable design and let your content speak for itself.

Plus, customization can be quite extensive, though it could take you more time, you can definitely make something nice on them.


Adobe also joins the game and offers a great publishing tool for content creators. It differs from Canva because besides selecting a design for the cover it let you focus on the inside of the book. InDesign lets you choose designs, set up the layout of the pages, select fonts, move text, adjust pages, and others. Besides, it gives you suggestions for the organization in the process.

Since it comes from Adobe, you can integrate content from other of its platforms, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Also, publishing is easy, the format is epub, so you got it covered.

Among some of its most attractive characteristics are:

  • You got templates for everything, layouts, the pages themselves, covers, with dozens of categories and options for each.
  • You count with a browser where you can see all options available with their characteristics like the size. Plus, you can add them to favorites, and sort them out easily.
  • You count with the option to add a storyboard.

InDesign’s offer comes with a price though. It starts from $20.99 m/o + tax and has a 7-day free trial after signing up.


Scrivener is one content creation tool that stands out for its emphasis on word processing. It is, indeed, very focused on providing features for writing long pieces. For example, many of them let you organize and set up your texts however you want. Others, let you add ideas, chapters, thoughts, references next to the actual paragraphs and see it) all in one place. Plus, it lets you go through all the parts of the text in just a few clicks and has several flexible formatting options.

Other features let you set up folders and subfolders, create your own templates, add customs items, implement options to check progress, and keep snapshots of previous versions.

Writers of all sorts will find its great feature of the corkboard and outliner highly attractive. And at last, when you got everything ready, you can simply integrate it all in a few clicks.

Scrivener used to be a macOS and iOS exclusive, but thankfully, a month ago it became available for Windows as well. Its standard license for Windows costs $49 and has a 30-day trial. Something great about this licensing is that you pay once, and it technically lasts forever. You will only have to pay another time, at a discounted price, if you want to upgrade to another version, which is optional.

Kindle Create

Amazon also counts with a free editing tool for eBooks. It includes designs for chapters, caps, and image inclusions. Besides, it automatically creates a table of content and gives a style to the chapters. Plus, you can add photos, video, and multimedia, check several of its tutorials. And you can check the mobile view and kindler view as you edit.

Kindle Create lets you create 3 types of eBooks:

  • Reflowable: for text-heavy content. The reader counts with options to resize and adapt the eBook to him/her screen. So the reader gets the best reading experience possible.
  • Interactive print Replica. As the name suggests, it replicates printed books. which means they cannot be adjusted by the reader.
  • Comics with Guided View. This type of eBook comes with some animation between pages.

There are two limitations that we want you to know. First, bear in mind that cover formatting/designing is not covered at all by this service. Second, publishing outside Kindle is not supported.

Conclusion of Top eBook Creating Tools

In the online world, many tools help you make any type of eBooks. Many of them focus on specific areas, like the design of covers or word processing for long texts. When used in tandem they will grant you the best options to write and publish as effectively as possible. And that potential must not be overlooked.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope it has been useful and now you’re better informed about this matter.