How Did We Fulfill the Youtube Partner Program Requirements in 5 Months?

How did we fulfill the youtube partner program requirements in 5 months - intro

Everyone who is starting a new YouTube channel thinks about the future. And everyone would like to start monetizing the created content to grow, buy better equipment, buy editing software, and spend more time doing better videos.

One of the most common options for monetizing youtube channels is joining the YouTube partner program, but to do so, you need to fulfill some requirements to apply and start earning from ads.

Youtube requires every new channel to reach 1k subscribers and 4k watching hours to apply to become part of the Youtube partner program and start displaying ads in your content. If you know what to do, it’s pretty easy to fulfill those first requirements, but it can take a lot of time if you don’t.

In Duomly, we’ve already gone through this step, we did some mistakes and got a pretty nice lesson, and today we would like to share with you part of our story, with the most important things that we wish to know before we’ve started YouTube channel.

Of course, as always, this article is also available as a video on our Youtube channel, so if you prefer to watch it, feel free to join.

Also, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to get a step-by-step tutorial to get 1k subscribers and 4k watching hours, based on our experience and knowledge we’ve gathered starting our channel.

Let’s start!

What is Youtube partner program?

In the beginning, I’d like to start with an explanation of what actually is the YouTube Partner Program. Youtube Partner Program is mostly known for giving creators the ability to monetize their content through AdSense.

To join the Youtube Partner Program, you have to fulfill a few requirements, like gathering 1k of subscribers, 4k of watching hours, following YouTube’s monetization policies, live in the country where it’s actually available, and having an AdSense account.

Besides the opportunity to monetize your content, Youtube Partner Program gives you access to create support teams, copyright match tools, and different monetization options. Besides AdSense, you get paid from Premium users who will watch your content or sell stickers on live chat during transmissions.

In Duomly, we’ve already gone through the way to get accepted as part of the Youtube Partner Program, and we would like to share with you a few points which, in our opinion, are essential to make requirements fulfillment fast and easy.

We’ve devised that knowledge into 5 main points, where we will tell you what’s important.

Find your niche

The first thing that we actually learned during our adventure with the Youtube channel was that it’s very important to find your niche. What’s that about?

Finding your niche is about finding your Youtube channel’s topic and the format you’d like to create. Your niche must be part of your interests because the more you like a selected topic, the more you’ll become engaged in creating great content.

We’ve decided to go into tech and coding, as that’s what we know and what the wanted to share with people; we started with videos about coding career path; next, we added some programming tutorials, but still stayed in this area. Because of that, our audience could grow, and the Youtube algorithm knew exactly who our content is attractive.

If you’d like to get a PDF with a list of exciting niches, you could sign up for it here.

Best time to post on Youtube

The next important thing that we learned while growing our Youtube channel and getting the first 1k subscribers was to stay consistent and post videos regularly.

In the beginning, we had longer breaks without posting a single video, then we started to post in totally different timestamps, and it was a big mistake. If we knew how important it is to be consistent in creating content, we would probably fulfill Youtube Partner Program requirements about subscribers amount and watch time much faster.

After few months, we started to share videos even single day. And that was the thing. Our subscribers’ amount and watching time started to grow as consistently as we were publishing new videos.

Besides being regular and posting your content even every day, you need to know when your audience is online and publish in proper time.

If you’d like to find out how to check exactly when you should post your content, you can sign up for the guide where we’ll show you how to do it.

How to post on Youtube

Posting on YouTube is not just about the video; of course, it’s very important, but there are other video elements you need to care about. Those are title, descriptions, and tags.

In the beginning, we’ve tried different approaches for description and title and didn’t even know how to use tags and if we need to use them at all.

Your YouTube video’s title needs to tell your audience what’s that about, and it needs to be relevant. Your title can have up to 100 characters, but it’s much better if the title will fit into 70 characters because the rest of the title won’t be visible in the search result.

Your description may have 5000 characters, so use it fully and wisely. This is where you can describe your content and what’s more important first lines of the description because that’s what is visible and where you need to sell your video for YouTube users.

It’s also important to use tags, which are kind of keywords describing your video; it’s really good to use all the available space, which means 500 characters. It’s also important to make the tags relevant because Youtube software can watch your video and really know what’s that about, so it’s not worth lying.

If you’d like to get examples of good titles, some description templates, and information on how to get good tags to sign up for our guide here.

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail is also very important because it’s the first thing people see on Home Page or search results next to the title. That’s why your thumbnail needs to convince people to click on your video.

When we started, each of our thumbnails was different, and there was almost nothing in common, which was one of the biggest mistakes. Also, we didn’t pay too much attention to the thumbnail click-through rate, which is also important.

Youtube tells us when the thumbnail is good and when we can think about improving it. The proper rate is from 2% to 10%; if your video has less than 100 views, it should be higher.

If your thumbnail click-through rate is high but watch time is low, Youtube will take it as a clickbait thumbnail, and that’s also not good for your channel.

If you’d like to see the examples of good thumbnails that we actually started to do and find out which elements are essential, sign up for the guide, where we will explain it in more details, and also give you the tools that you can use to create awesome thumbnails for your YouTube content.

Youtube SEO

And the last thing that we think is curtail while starting a new Youtube channel and want t to grow it to 1k subscribers and 4k watch time fast is SEO.

I don’t know if you know, but Youtube search is the second biggest search engine on the internet; people are searching there for many things, and no matter what your niche is, probably someone is looking for it.

That’s why you really need to be high in search results; this will help you get more views and bring lots of people to your channel. Since we started to do it, we saw a big difference in subscribers amount and watching time, but it wasn’t easy to boost the Youtube channel.

To find out how to do it properly and get more views for your channel, sign up for the guide here, where we will give you a lot of knowledge, which we got during our Youtube adventure.

How did we fulfill the youtube partner program requirements in 5 months - Summary

In this article, I’ve prepared for you 5 most significant things that we found while starting our youtube channel and trying to being monetized, get 4k hours of watch time and 1k of subscribers.

Right now, with this knowledge, we managed to do it 6 times faster on the new channel, and we also decided to share our story with you to help you save lots of time on tries and fails. We know that it’s not difficult to become part of the Youtube Partner Program if you know what to do.

If you’d like to get some more detailed tips and tricks, sign up for the free guide here. In this guide, you will find useful tricks, examples, and tools to help you get your channel monetized.

I hope it was useful knowledge and thanks for reading,
Anna from Duomly