9 PHP Projects Ideas

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PHP projects ideas

Getting experience in new technology you are starting with is necessary to get a job, start freelancing, or even start feeling more confident with it.

By creating two, or three projects in the given technology, you can check how to set up the project and what’s important and learn some good practices of coding with the selected technology.

In previous articles, I already listed project ideas for different technologies, which you can check here:

Today, I decided to turn your attention to a less popular programming language, but it is still very commonly used PHP. That’s why I prepared a list of ideas for the PHP project that you can create to practice your skills and build an awesome portfolio.

It should be especially important for you if you would like to do freelancing because there are still many projects created using this programming language, and lots of clients are waiting for PHP developers.

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Let’s start!

PHP project ideas for beginners

1. CRM

No matter if small or big, almost every company needs some kind of tool for managing their clients and relationship with those clients. That’s why creating a CRM tool can be a great project to get experience.

Especially that you are able to practice the project that you may face in real life. How much more comfortable would you feel when getting the freelance job to create a CRM system for your client, and you would already have a base in your portfolio?

What kind of features should you add to the CRM project?

  • display customers
  • add, edit and remove customer
  • filtering and searching
  • billing

If you are interested in buying the ready application with the code, and graphic design, take a look here: CRM

2. Email marketing app

Online marketing is now very important for almost every business. Companies are paying for ads on social media, but email marketing and mailing lists are among the most important part of the marketing campaign.

So, here is the next project idea for you to practice your PHP knowledge, the email marketing app.

What’s important in this kind of project? Sending email campaigns, of course, but besides that, you could also add the following features for your app:

  • email templates
  • drag and drop email creator
  • autoresponders
  • analytics
  • creating emails lists

And much more, depending on how many ideas and knowledge you have!

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3. Social Network Platform

Socializing on the internet is the most popular way of meeting people right now, and there are lots of people who have the idea for a new platform where people can talk to each other and meet.

So, there’s a chance that you may be working on building a social network platform; that’s why this is the next project idea!

What features should a project like this have?

  • creating new user
  • login and authentication
  • display users
  • connect users
  • messages

You can add some additional features, depending on the type of social platform you are creating.

Would you like to get a ready code for a social network platform? Here you can buy it: Social Network Platform

4. URL Shortener

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to share a link to any article or image or anything else, and the URL itself was too long, so you couldn’t add anything else, like a description?

That’s when we mostly use URL shorteners like Bitly, and also, that’s my idea for your next project to practice PHP.

What do you need in the URL shortener project?

  • form for input the link and start the conversion
  • a function that will actually convert the link

And actually, that’s it!

To buy ready URL shortener code, take a look here: URL Shortener

5. Restaurant System

Thinking about a restaurant, it’s not enough to think about the chef who prepares the meal. We need to think about the management and supply. Managing the restaurant must be a pretty difficult thing; that’s why every restaurant needs a system to track how many different ingredients they have left and how much they need to buy.

And it’s the next idea for the project I’ve got for you, a restaurant system. Let’s think about the features that are necessary for this kind of project:

  • analysis of supply
  • listing of ingredients, with the amount
  • adding new ingredients
  • calculating the amount of ingredient when a client will order the given dish

You can also think about the other side of an app like this, which is ordering meals by clients and maybe even payments.

To buy a restaurant system application with code and design, take a look here: Restaurant System

6. Booking System

When you want to go on holiday, you need to book a hotel, if you want to join an event you need to book a place, and if you want to go to the dentist, you need to book the visit. And for all those activities there is some booking system that works in the background.

That’s the next idea for the project that I’d like you to do to practice. It will give you a lot of knowledge on creating any booking system if you will practice the main part, actually booking!

Let’s go through the features that would be nice to have in the booking system:

  • appointment booking with time and date selection
  • reminders with email or SMS (yes, you could try implementing any third party tool like Twilio, for example)
  • payments
  • listing of places/people to book

If you have any other ideas, feel free to put them here!

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7. E-commerce CMS

Content Management System in the e-commerce is very important. The easier and user-friendly it would be, the easier it would be for the owner of the e-commerce to use it and actually manage the online store.

You may find many clients in your career who would like to start an online shop and look for any solution to manage it; that’s why if you would create an e-commerce CMS you can think of selling it to the clients with the possibility to customize the front-end.

What features should you add the e-commerce?

  • adding products (different types of projects with predefined template)
  • invoices
  • email notifications
  • payments
  • setting shipping options
  • promos and promo coupons generating

And many, many more. You can start by creating a simple one and adjust it in time.

If you are looking for a ready code, you can buy it here: E-commerce CMS

8. Real Estate Portal

Another great idea for the project to build and have in your portfolio is a real estate selling portal. This project can give you different knowledge and let you practice a little bit of different coding things.

Let’s go through the features that this kind of portal needs:

  • listing of properties
  • featured properties
  • filtering and sorting properties
  • adding properties
  • contact form
  • map with location
  • real estate agent panel

If there’s anything else you would like to add, feel free to get creative.

Want to get a code for a real estate portal? Good news! You can buy a similar app code here: Real Estate Portal

9. File Management Platform

When we work in a team or cooperate with the client, you need to share many files with your teammates every day. So, the last project idea for you is to create a file management platform.

Let me tell you what you should think about before starting this kind of project:

  • upload files
  • share files
  • access management
  • downloading files
  • removing files
  • read files

Think about some nice UI for that as well.

How about getting a ready code? If you’d like to buy a ready code, take a look here: File Management Platform

PHP projects summary

Getting experience with the technology you would like to work with is very important because it gives you the knowledge of how things actually work. You may not face some issues while following the tutorials or doing projects second by second with the video.

One day, you just have to start coding by yourself, and the faster you will, the better for you. After building a few projects and solving a few problems, you will get confidence, which will help you to get your first clients or get a job.

I hope that this list of projects will help you start building an awesome portfolio, which you can later show to the clients or recruiters and be proud of them.

Good luck and have a nice coding,
Anna from Duomly