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International university student, Online Marketing enthusiast, and Content-Creation fan.

Current affairs passionate follower, cosmopolitan par excellence, a natural learner, and cool-headed person.

An avid research writer partnered with Duomly’s crew.

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6 best free blogging sites

Intro to best free blogging sites Among the most famous and long-lived online platforms are those for blogging. From the very beginning, people from all paths of life have found a special space to communicate with others in them. One of the best things is that in this current era, the options at your disposal are huge. For example, you are not restricted to post only about something popular/commercial, nor to use only words.

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How to repurpose content?

Intro on how to repurpose content There is a point where you find yourself taking a different approach as a content creator. The reasons are varied and the paths to take so too. Repurposing content is one of the most famous strategies due to a couple of reasons. They mostly have to do with the fact that you can use previous creations as the main source of this change.

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A Simple Explanation of What Is IPTV and How It Works

Intro to what is IPTV and how it works Since the internet was created many changes have arrived. From how we interact with people to the content we consume; its working has largely been present. That has been the case about traditional television formats (e.g., satellite or cable) as well. IPTV emerged as a new option aiming to replace them. By now, the word “IPTV” is quite common, and we see more and more offers/providers out there.

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How to Choose Great Names for Online Courses to Boost Profits

Intro to how to choose great names for online courses to boost profits In our interconnected world, the idea of starting a business online is often heard. One of the actions that follow is to start making courses. But getting started in the course-making enterprise requires extra thought. One extra area that you have to consider is the name. If you believe names are not that important, let us tell you that they are.

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How to start blogging?

Intro on how to start blogging In this day and age, online content is everywhere, and it seems that the possibilities for creators are endless. And one of the options that you have to start your journey in the online world will always be blogging. There are many reasons for this, for example, blogs are as old as the internet and very flexible. Other reasons are that they let you get in touch with your audience better, or that they are very digestible.

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Convertkit Review - Is It The Best Email Marketing Tool in 2021?

This article contains affiliate links. By purchasing using these links you support our blog and YouTube channel. Intro on ConvertKit review Creators of all types always face a considerable challenge. Doing what is their passion or what is profitable at the moment, most try to aim at a balance between those two. But, reaching the middle point and competing in that flooded market is tough, to say the very least.

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How to write headlines?

Intro on how to write headlines One main aspect of online content is a good headline, and while that is obvious, what makes one a “good one” is not that much. And even while some strategies sound familiar, many steps to be taken are quite new/funny for many. What is fascinating is that with just a bit of knowledge you can improve all your headlines. Especially because they are quite easy to put in place once you understand them, we have to mention them.

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How to build an email list?

Intro on how to build an email list One of the best ways to become a successful online content creator is to use email listing. They give you the chance to communicate in a more informal, close way about almost everything. For example, you could use them to update your audience or as a way to offer extra content. The magic of listing is that long are the days that you only could make them manually by using sheets.

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How to write a blog?

Intro on how to write a blog Once you’ve taken the right steps to start your blog, it is time to start writing. As with many things in life, writing is easy to do, but tough to master. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write good blogs. Knowing about best practices and being a bit creative will do for most of us. In this article, we will tell you all about them by taking a tour from the introduction to the very end, i.

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What is Calendly and how to save time with that?

Intro to Calendly review Scheduling meetings online using traditional methods like emailing is tough. You may think it is not, as it only takes a few emails, and while there is some truth to that, it’s not the whole picture. If you need to do that with many people, it gets tougher. Let me give you a short example. Say that you have to schedule a meeting with seven people with different time zones and availability.

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