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International university student, Online Marketing enthusiast, and Content-Creation fan.

Current affairs passionate follower, cosmopolitan par excellence, a natural learner, and cool-headed person.

An avid research writer partnered with Duomly’s crew.

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Articles written by Diego Castrillon Levoyer:

How Blogging Makes Money

How Blogging Makes Money Intro In the online world, there are many ways to get paid. One of the most common ones seems to be by blogging. Though creating content is relatively easy, making money is a different story. This is not to say that it is impossible, in fact, there are many ways to do so, some of which we will talk about here. The point is to underline that there is much more to it than only content, knowing about these methods will illustrate that for you.

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The Best Lighting Setup for Video

The Best Lighting Setup for Video Intro One of the most important things for any video creator is to count on good lighting. This is not only because it helps the image look nice. But most importantly, they take it to industry-standard-nice levels. Meaning if you want to be able to compete, you got to have proper setups. Everyone making videos online knows that it is necessary for almost every channel.

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9 Of The Best Virtual Assistant Services

9 of the best virtual assistant services intro Life gets busy, we all know that. Whether it is at work, some traffic jam, or family/friends related, it seems that time is always short. For some people, not having a lot of time available won’t be a huge problem. But, if you’re thinking of taking on new projects of any kind, like a virtual business, you got to find ways to free up your hands.

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9 Steps on How to Build an Online Community

9 steps on how to build an online community intro Whether you are a programmer, a visual artist, a media pundit, or a niche aficionado, online communities are there for you. Since the offer online is huge, more and more people are joining as we speak. By now everyone is part of one and finds at least one reason to be there. But good online communities that grow as time passes are special.

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9 Ideas How to Get Free Music for Video Editing

9 ideas how to get free music for video editing intro There are way too many videos online and almost all got music in them. Whether it is a nice chill lo-fi tune roaming in the background or a dubstep beat to introduce a section, music is everywhere. This shouldn’t surprise us, after all, one major part of video creation is being attractive. Music helps us at that since it naturally raises attention and might induce certain moods.

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The Best 9 Online Learning Platforms in 2021

The best 9 online learning platforms in 2021 intro If you want to learn something, doing so online is a good idea. This is because if you think about it, everything is on the internet nowadays. Besides, you don’t get old textbooks or anything of that kind. In this age we count with very nice interactive and multimedia material! But because everything is on the internet, there are many learning platforms available.

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7 Different Types of Online Classes

7 different types of online classes intro If you’ve been thinking about starting your online business, giving classes might’ve come to mind. As we are all well aware, the online world has a space for everyone and all types of content. But a space for audience and content is not the same as spaces for type of classes. The latter refers to the format, not the content. In today’s article, we will mention 7 of the best types/formats for your lessons.

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Top 7 eBook Creating Tools

Top 7 eBook creating tools intro eBooks are great sources for content creation for a couple of reasons. First, they are versatile, compact, and elaborated. Second, those content creators used to write adapt to this format very rapidly. Third, they work as a space to showcase the best of your content. Other reasons are plenty, many people as we speak already know it and that’s why we see so many eBooks nowadays.

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6 Steps on How to Make a Successful YouTube Video

6 steps on how to make a successful YouTube video intro Everyone online knows that YouTube is a very important platform on the web. Be it because they see that there is information about everything or because people make money from it. Everyone understands that there is plenty to like and get from it. The step that follows this realization is to decide to make a video. And while everyone can record one, not everyone can make a successful great video.

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5 Ways to Market Online Course and Increase Sales

5 ways to market online course and increase sales intro As you’ve probably seen many times before, online courses are everywhere. This may have caused you to already create yours and now you’re thinking about how to market it. As you well know, content is very important but without proper marketing, it won’t be enough. In today’s article, we will give you an explanation of 5 ways to do so and increase your sales.

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